MIGO ADECER is living the dream and is on a roll.

Ever since his Starstruck days, Migo always wanted to become a singer and to bring his music out to the public. It’s now a dream coming true.

For many true artists, it’s not the fame or the number of fans that matters, the opportunity to share their passion to the world is already enough. And to this Migo is a testament of. For while he’s out there proving himself to the world as an actor through his role in the popular GMA series “The One That Got Away” or TOTGA, he’s also doing what he loves the most – making music.

As an intro, Migo released two songs last year – the slow jam “I long To Ask You” and his rendition of Lukas Graham’s “7 Years”.  Last February 8, GMA Records released his third single and first Tagalog song “Suntok Sa Buwan”.

Migo said that at first he was reluctant to do the song since it is not his creation and because he’s not that confident yet with singing Tagalog songs. But since he’s not going to be able to write his very own Tagalog song anytime soon, he just agreed to do the song with best efforts and without expecting too much.

After recording the song, Migo said that it was a tune that he have grown to be fond of. He added a little rap and some attitude to the song and ‘presto’ – his first Tagalog OPM!

All the three songs that he’d just released has that deep melancholic vocal signature that’s uniquely Migo’s. “Suntok Sa Buwan” although having that “Ibiza” feel in it is an OPM pop-ballad that’s sexy and down-to-earth at the same time.

Migo in an interview at Kandle Cafe said that he will venture out to a more darker feel for his next musical releases. The songs will be more and more in tune with his personality and artistic inclinations.

SUNTOK SA BUWAN and Migo’s other songs can be streamed and downloaded from over 180 digital music stores worldwide including Spotify, iTunes and Deezer. 

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