I have recently gotten, as gifts, two kinds of SHARP Ion Generators – an IG-A10E-R Plasmacluster Ion Generator (that looks a lot like a tall bread toaster) and an IG-CM1E Portable High-Density Plasmacluster Ion Generator (this one looks like an electric shaver).  

Of course, I am always delighted to receive gifts that I don’t have yet at home but the question in my mind right at that very moment as I was receiving those gifts is – WHAT THE HECK IS AN ION GENERATOR?

ion generator

Thank God for package inserts and Google I now know what those Ion Generators are for and we’ve been using it ever since.  The one that looks like a toaster, we use that at home usually during bed time while the one that looks like a shaver, my wife uses that in her office while she works – she’s under a lot of stress.

So, let’s start with the basic question.

What Are Ions?

Ions are invisible particles which bear an electric charge. Atoms consist of an atomic nucleus that contains neutral neutrons and positively charged protons, as well as orbiting electrons that are negatively charged. When an atom is in a neutral condition, the number of protons (+) and electrons (-) is equal. When the number of protons and electrons is not the same, the particle becomes an ION that is either positively or negatively charged.

What are the two kinds of Ions?

Positive Ion or Cation is produced when an atom (or molecule) has lost one or more electrons due to a high-energy impact. Natural forces that generate positive ions include the decay of radioactive minerals, radon gas, forest fires, lightning and ultraviolet rays.  THESE ARE NATURALLY BAD IONS.

Negative Ion or Anion on the other hand is produced when an atom (or molecule) has gained one or more extra negatively charged electrons. Negative ions are naturally generated by evaporating water, ocean surf, waterfalls and ionic minerals such as Tourmaline.  NOW THESE ARE THE STUFF THAT WE WANT.

Let’s talk about NEGATIVE IONS, but before we continue, here are some interesting facts about Negative Ions that I’ve gathered:

  • Negative Ions are Tasteless and Odorless
  • Recent studies shows that ionizing a room will lead to 52% less dust in the air and 95% less bacteria in the air
  • Urban areas have lower concentrations of Negative Ions in the air than rural areas – naturally

Can Negative Ions be generated artificially?

The answer is yes.  Negative Ions can be generated by electrical devices such as the SHARP Plasmacluster Ion Generator which uses an external power source to generate large quantities of Negative Ions.

Here are 5 Benefits of using a SHARP Plasmacluster Ion Generator

ion generator
  1. Emit 7,000 ions/cm3 into the air and they can eliminate 99% of airborne viruses in 10 minutes
  2. Emit 25,000 ions/cm3 into your home and destroy airborne molds and eliminate adhering molds and odors
  3. Airborne allergens such as dead dust mites and pollen are notorious for accumulating in beds and carpets.  Plasmacluster Ions can help remove them.
  4. Plasmacluster Ions target the protein of microbes’ cell membranes and weaken their effects.  Less microbes mean less allergies and asthma
  5. Static electricity causes dust to accumulate.  Plasmacluster Ions also remove static electricity to make surfaces less prone to dust

My SHARP IG-A1O3-R Plasmacluster Ion Generator emits 25,000 ions/cm3 so it’s great for a 10 sqm room, while the SHARP portable Plasmacluster Ion Generator that my wife uses, also emits 25,000 ions/cm3 but it is best used in an 80cm surrounding- just perfect for small work area and office desks.

If you’ve got kids at home, you’ll definitely want this!  Because it will make you feel a little more safer.

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