I celebrated International Museum Day 2014 by vising the National Museum of the Philippines!

The Philippines have dozens of museums scattered in different regions.  In Metro Manila alone we have around 42, which only proves how we Filipinos love our Pinoy heritage.

I am personally a ‘museum’ type of person, not that I belong in one – well, maybe someday, but rather because I love history so much.  Maybe not much on the important historical facts like dates and places but more on the artifacts and the story behind each of the items.

The City of Manila houses some of the most famous museums in the country like the Archdiocesan Museum of Manila, Casa Manila, Bahay Tsino, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Rizal Shrine Museum, Museo Pambata, San Agustin Museum and of course the National Museum of the Philippines.

National Museum of the Philippines

It has been such a long time since I visited a museum here in Manila, the last time was  two years ago at the Museo Pambata and so I decided to go and visit the National Museum and celebrate International Museum Day 2014 by checking out the collections inside this famous Manila landmark.

The National Museum is located along Finance Road in between Rizal Park and Intramuros.

The facility is open Tuesday up to Sunday from 10am to 5pm except on holidays.  Sundays are free and are reserved only for family visitors and walk-ins and not for groups of 10 or more.  Group tours are only entertained from Tuesday to Saturday and must be coursed through the Museum Education Division.  Regular Museum fees are P150.00 for adults and P50.00 for students.  Discounts applies to group tours and senior citizens.

The good news is, aside from celebrating International Museum Day on May 18, the National Museum is also celebrating Heritage Month so Museum entrance for the whole month of May are FREE!  This is the perfect time to bring the whole family and barkada to enjoy its wonderful collections.

National Museum of the Philippines

The National Museum is divided into 5 levels with several galleries.

  • The First Floor houses all the offices of the National Museum plus an outdoor gallery in the courtyard that features a gigantic Ifugao House.
  • The Second Floor contains the Marble Hall, The San Diego Collection as well as the Linnaeus and Linnaeans Gallery.
  • The Third Floor contains three galleries – Pinagmulan, Kinahinatnaan and Kaban ng Lahi (Archaelogical Treasures).
  • The Fourth Floor contains four exhibits – Biodiversity, Baybayin, Hibla Ng Lahing Pilipino and Rice Exhibit.
  • The Fifth Floor contains the Anthropology and Zoology division and Visible Storage area.

The collections are not as many nor as popular as the ones found at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France but it is still definitely very very RICH!

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