Not my first to visit the Riverbanks Center in Marikina.  I have been to the place a couple of times already but last Friday was my first time to see the actual riverbanks of the center.

The Riverbanks Mall which is owned by Mr. Meneleo Carlos, Jr. is a typical huge flat community mall that is filled with shops that sells local indigenous product lines and anything from furniture to signature clothing and of course, lots and lots of shoes.

Marikina is known as the Shoe capital of the Philippines.

What I didn’t know is that the riverbanks of the center is way more cooler than the mall itself.  Well, it’s actually dull when I saw it, but the wide open space of the riverbanks is really full of potentials.  I bet that the place is more exciting at sundown.  

Riverbanks Center

Here are a couple of things that I took note of about my visit to the Riverbanks Center in Marikina:

The center has a HUGE beautiful park.  Wide open spaces that are absolutely perfect for picnics and almost anything that you can think of.  It could use a few more trees but as it is, it’s already perfect for stargazing and even for watching cloud formations during the daytime.  There’s also a cemented pathway perfect for strolling along the riverbanks by foot or by using your bicycles.

An unfinished landscape.  Picking up from the skeleton structures being built around the riverbanks, I am sure that it’s going to be a fantastic tourist spot when its finished.  Hope that they double time on their schedules though.

I didn’t see the floating shoes, but I did see a train.  The Riverland Express is a gem!  It’s absolutely a great museum piece even though if it’s only a replica.  I am just worried because this huge metallic piece of art is just standing there by its lonesome at the side of the Riverbanks Mall parking lot.  Vulnerable to all the harsh elements.  They should create a more secure home for this train.

The riverbanks is also home to a DAMPA or the so-called ‘Paluto’ Food station that serves you delicious and fresh meals for prices that are really cheap.  How cheap?  Well based on personal experience, a budget of 1,500 pesos can already satisfy 12 extremely hungry souls.

Aside from the DAMPA SA RIVERBANKS, there is also a grill  house in the area called BonFire adding variety to your food adventure at the Riverbanks Center.

Also, the Riverbanks Center is home to this Family KTV room called Vertical Rhythm.  A videoke machine inside a small shack that offers a song for only 5 pesos.  A Family KTV room is not exactly something that you would expect in a riverbank and park but hey, It’s MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

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