“Ang dali dali magsabi ng BABAY… B – A – B – A – Y!”  This is the carrier single of YENG CONSTANTINO which is part of her newest album METAMORPHOSIS under Star Records that is currently at the number 1 position on the MYX daily Top 10, MYX Hit Chart and MYX Pinoy Countdown.

Pop Rock Princess and Star Magic’s YENG CONSTANTINO is definitely not saying “BABAY” yet to her singing career but she has however gone through some major changes!  Both in style and musical preferences.  Her new album METAMORPHOSIS is actually a testament of that fact.

yeng constantino

Being the experimental type, YENG CONSTANTINO has also been dynamic when it comes to her looks.  She has long since shed off her simple getup and she now sports a bolder and a more stylish image suitable for the Pop-Rock Princess.  Even her new hair color reflects her love for reinvention.

A deeply religious and spiritual YENG CONSTANTINO faced the crowd of mostly online writers last February 6 (Wednesday) at ABS CBN.  When asked about the influences of her faith on her music, she has this to say:

“For me everything is spiritual.  Malaki ang influence ng faith ko sa lahat ng mga ginagawa ko.  Because of my past successes, I was able to do and get anything that I want at a flick of a finger.  ‘Pag gusto ko kumain ng fried chicken o chocolate nagagawa ko.  Lahat ng gusto ko nagagawa ko.  But even with all the success and during those times, that is when I felt empty the most,”  She said.  “Si Sam Milby ang nag-introduce sa akin sa Victory Church and doon ko naramdaman na nagkaroon na ng meaning lahat ng mga ginagawa ko.  I now understand that it is not only about the career but also about honoring God with what you do.  Kaya before yung work ay parang pressure ngayon every job is a delight.”  Yeng explained.

YENG CONSTANTINO has come a long way since she became the first-ever Pinoy Dream Academy Grand Star Dreamer way back in 2006.  In the years that followed, she has consistently shown passion for her music and eventually succeeded in carving a niche in the music industry as a talented singer and a song-writer.

She is a regular of ABS-CBN’s ASAP 18 and ambassador of RRJ clothing apparel.  She was hailed last year as PMPC’s Female Rock Artists of the Year and MYX Music Awards 2012’s Favorite Female Artist.  She was also chosen to be one of the interpreters of Himig Handog’s Pinoy Pop Songs of Love, Alaala composed by Fe Tianga, Melvin Huwervana and Joel Jabot Jr.  Aside from a long list of her out of town and abroad shows, she is also set to perform at the Academy of Rock in Singapore this year where she was also offered a seat as an Auxiliary Member and her song “Salamat” as part of the syllabus.

Top 10 Revelations:

  1. Yeng had the name of Jesus (in Hebrew) tattoed on her skin.
  2. Yeng’s favorite K-Pop Group is 2ne1
  3. Before landing a slot at Pinoy Dream Academy, Yeng has entered and failed at all the talent search auditions that time.
  4. Yeng was chosen by the Maestro Ryan Cayabyab to be a speaker-mentor at the Elements Camp (a song-writing camp) with the topic “Starting in the Industry.”
  5. Yeng’s typical waking time is 12:00 noon
  6. Yeng prefers writing Filipino or Tagalog songs to promote OPM
  7. Yeng loves cats, that’s why they incorporated it on the Music Video of BABAY
  8. The house address shown on the set of her BABAY Music Video used to be her real home address
  9. Her song BABAY is based on real events, the story of a friend who had to go and distance himself from her to save the friendship.
  10. All the songs in her new album METAMORPHOSIS are ‘one-take’ recordings.

Speaking of her album METAMORPHOSIS,  it took YENG CONSTANTINO two years before completing the self-composed album, not because she had a hard time writing the songs but because she had to juggle writing the songs and doing shows here and abroad.  In 2011, Yeng was grateful to Star Records that they allowed her to do “Yeng Versions Live!”, her fourth album that composed of previous OPM hits that she sang live.  More so, this gave her more time to write new songs for her succeeding music album. 

Another original track in the album, “Chinito”, was written by her friend, Jed Dumawal, which Yeng immediately fell in love with after she heard it online.  Yeng didn’t pass up the chance and asked Jed to allow her to sing the song for her album.

Other original tracks in “Metamorphosis” include: “Hahanapin Kita”, “Josephine”, “Messiah”, “Pasensya Na”, “Di Pa Huli”, “Teleserye”, “Pag-Ibig” and “Sandata”.

Yeng sang a line from her song SANDATA and I immediately fell in love with the song.  She said that SANDATA is the most spiritual song in her album.  I was also suggesting that SANDATA would make a wonderful addition to the soundtrack of ABS-CBN’s new primetime teleserye JUAN DELA CRUZ.

Top 10 Quotable Quotes:

  1. “The imperfections of the songs makes it more unique and beautiful.”  (referring to her songs in Metamorphosis)
  2. “Balang araw kakantahin din nila ang mga hindi nila naiintindihan.” (referring to OPM songs crossing over to Asia)
  3. “Gusto ko rin magka-boyfriend at maging normal na babae, naghihintay lang sa right person.. timing lang yan.”
  4. “Mahal na mahal kita bilang kaibigan.”
  5. “Ang sarap matawag na mentor.”
  6. “Hindi mo malalaman kung para sa iyo ang isang bagay kaya ibigay mo lang ang 200% ng effort.  Love what you do.”
  7. “Do what God has design you to do.”
  8. “Don’t be afraid to do something new.”
  9. “Try something new, God is telling you to come out and to shine.”
  10. “Be yourself!”

METAMORPHOSIS is a collaboration album with producer RAYMUND MARASIGAN under Star Records, and is now available in your favorite music stores.  Also available online @ www.mymusicstore.com.ph and iTunes. 

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