The 1st Bloggers Buffet at Carol’s Texan 5 in San Juan – June 23, 2011 (Thursday)

It was a RAIN or SHINE event for all the bloggers who went there.

Vance told me via SMS that there’s going to be a bloggers buffet sometime June organized by Ten Minutes Tops but I wasn’t able to join the promo.  It wasn’t because I never wanted to join, but because this area of blogging was all Greek to me still.  RAINCHECK is more than three years old already but it remained to be just a personal blog.

When Vance told me that she’s going to invite me to join in, I said yes even if I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.

We arrived at the CAROL’S TEXAN 5 around 6:30pm soaking wet because of the heavy rains and flooding.  We were greeted by event organizer and the person behind TEN MINUTE’S TOPS, Mr. Tristan Maharlika Mirasol.

I was amazed to see the number of bloggers who came even if the weather outside was so erratic.  The discipline and dedication of these guys to their craft were so amazing.  They came in there in full battle gear for the event – and I didn’t even bring my Camera with me.  I was planning to bring my camera but I was all over Metro Manila since the early morning and I forgot to bring it with me when I went out. (So, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who took some photos of the event and shared it via FB – I took the liberty of downloading some of it for this post – I’ll just put the credits below)

And here’s yours truly posing on Carol’s Texan 5’s photo corner that you can see upon entering the store. You can dress up as a real cowboy or cowgirl complete with guns and the 10 gallon hats.

carol's texan 5

Store owner CAROL CHAN started out cooking meals for Call Centers but her love for All-American food was the one that urged her to set up the store in 2008.

What does 5 mean in the name ‘Carol’s Texan 5’?

Well, it’s the 5 specialty dishes that the restaurant offers to all their guests: 1) Dynamite Wings, 2) BBQ Ribs, 3) Roast Beef, 4) Fish n’ Fries, and 5) Tomato Basil Pasta

I personally recommend their mouth-watering BBQ Ribs.  My taste buds tells me that it’s the best tasting ribs I’ve ever tasted yet.  The Pasta is superb – if you love basil on your pasta, you’ll sure to enjoy this one.  Over-all, I give Carol’s Texan 5 dishes a 9 out of 10 rating.  Bring your friends at Carol’s Texan 5, they’ll sure to enjoy the all-american ambiance and wonderful dishes that only Carol can serve you.

The first-ever blogger’s buffet at Carol’s Texan 5 was organized by Blogger’s Buffet, Ten Minutes Tops and Club Travel Now.  It was co-sponsored by Fern C, Cliq Manila, Photo Baloons, Magnolia, San Miguel, Cignal and Coca Cola.

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