2024 is the Year of the Dragon symbolizing growth and progress. While the Chinese dragon embodies strength and power. So, why not unleash your own power by reinventing or improving yourself? Begin the journey by embracing who you are and expressing your passion through style!

However, there is no need to throw out old clothes and buy new ones.  Accessories, along with mixing and matching your ‘fits, can surely help achieve the look and style you want. Luckily, G-SHOCK has new collections that may suit your new style. Reward your hard work last year with an accessory to accompany you in your new fashion journey. Read on and see which timepiece suits you best!

One-Tone Graduation Series for a bolder style

Balance patterned or designed outfits with G-SHOCK’s One-Tone Graduation Series! This collection perfectly complements bold styles with its minimalist design preventing your OOTD from looking over the top. The popping colors would also match more daring fashion choices. The shock-resistant watch also boasts features like double LED light, five daily alarms, calendar, and a world time as some of its features. Level up your game with a more daring style of the One-Tone Graduation Series on your wrist in 2024!

Master of G GRAVITYMASTER for something classy

Looking for something more mature, tough, and classy? The G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER series might be the one–or two–for you!

The GWR-B1000 series features a Carbon Core Guard structure for shock resistance, improving toughness and making it lightweight timepieces in the GRAVITYMASTER Series. This ensures you can engage in physical activities without worrying about your watch breaking. It is also a rust-resistant watch that features different time zones, LED, daily alarm, and a calendar.

This collection fits those who go to work in a semi-formal, formal, or semi-casual style or those who usually go under harsh conditions in their daily activities.

MTG-B3000CXD-9ADR for a minimalist but meaningful accessory

Looking for something new and different while embodying the dragon energy for the Year of the Dragon? Go for something minimalist and symbolic with the special MT-G timepiece inspired by the golden dragon in celebration of the Year of the Dragon. It showcases a dragon scale design on the dial, while an image of a soaring dragon is engraved on the case back.

It has a more advanced Dual Core Guard structure that also protects the module. Priced at PHP 85,010, this more compact, slimmer timepiece can match any style with its minimalist colors, sparking people’s curiosity!

If you’re undecided which one to get, leave it to fate by grabbing a lucky bag with G-SHOCK’s Fukubukuro! Just in time for the Chinese New Year celebration, G-SHOCK has brought the  Fukubukuro—a Japanese New Year custom wherein shops sell bags with unknown random contents inside–to the Philippines. Fuku means “good fortune” or “luck”, while fukuro (which later changed to bukuro) means bag. So if you can’t decide on a G-SHOCK accessory, let the Lucky Bag decide for you!

Simply purchase a random sealed Lucky Bag worth PHP8,890 from authorized G-SHOCK stores. If you’re lucky, you might just get the bag with the MTG-B3000CXD-9A in celebration of the Year of the Dragon, so make sure to grab one before it runs out!

2024 is the year of growth and progress, so bring out a stylish new you with these G-SHOCK accessories or get something unexpected with a Lucky Bag by visiting any authorized G-SHOCK stores.

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