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This article takes a look at the potential role of Nicotine Pouch in changing the smoking habits of Filipino smokers.

The country has recorded a shift in Filipino adults’ smokers and vapers behavior with the evolving nicotine delivery preference from tobacco smoking to smokeless alternatives amid the growing availability of less harmful nicotine products locally.

Tobacco use continued to dominate the local market, but the number of Filipino adult smokers plummeted by over 12% to 15.1 million from 2002’s 17.3 million, according to the latest available data from The Global Adult Tobacco Survey.  

The growing acceptance of smokeless tobacco in the Philippines is driven by the consumers demand to have a wider range of options for nicotine delivery, as a complement to smoking.

Reduced-risk products (RRPs) also referred to as smokeless alternatives include novel tobacco products such as Nicotine Pouches and other electronic nicotine delivery systems like e-cigarettes and Heated Tobacco Products that offer adult nicotine users a diversified choice for an alternative nicotine product.

The need for more diverse offerings equates to consumers having more independence and opportunities to choose products that serve the smokers’ preference. While tobacco use is still prevalent locally, the use of non-combustible smokeless alternatives such as electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco, and nicotine pouches have begun gaining momentum globally and in the country with the heavy investments of tobacco companies towards providing consumers with a wider range of options.

Heated Tobacco, one of the most common smokeless alternatives in the European market, represents 3.5% of the total sales volume of all tobacco products. The Heated Tobacco Product category is expected to continue growing and be worth €13.7 bn by 2025. Novel Nicotine Products are growing rapidly today with the emergence of the Nicotine Pouch, while only comprising a usage of 0.3% of the European adult population in 2021, is expected to triple its usage rate in 2025. The market for Nicotine Pouch is expected to continue growing and be worth > €2.3 bn by 2025.

The future is bright for the Novel Nicotine Product category such as the Nicotine Pouch both on a global and local scale. The product revolutionizes and complements the smoking experience with its discreet and convenient use for nicotine users.

The Nicotine Pouch is a tobacco-free product containing nicotine, which has food-grade ingredients. It can be consumed by placing it between the lips and the gums. The product is a good substitute for adult smokers as it allows its users to discreetly consume nicotine without burning tobacco or creating smoke at all.

Tobacco smokers now have a viable option to settle their nicotine cravings, especially in instances where traditional smoking is not permissible. The reality of mallgoers, employees in indoor office settings, and even people in transit getting to experience a nicotine hit as they go about their regular day is now a possibility with Nicotine Pouches.  

While still new to the game, the Nicotine Pouch is now available in the Philippines in key convenience stores and vape shops such as brands like Nordic Spirit. With the emergence of the Nicotine Pouches, Filipino smokers now have a broader selection to enjoy nicotine products in places where smoking and vaping are not permissible

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