rapoo has recently released its latest line of dual-mode wireless esports-ready gaming mouse with a toned-down right-oriented ergonomic design – the rapoo v300pro and rapoo v300se, specifically made not to standout visually but rather provide all types of gamers the very best experience with its simplicity and cool features.

On hand for our review is the white variant of rapoo v300se – this mouse was introduced in China with two available colors, the other one is black. The box includes the mouse unit, USB-C cable, receiver converter and the product manual.

rapoo v300se

The mouse has a dimension of 123mm x 68mm x 41mm just perfect for small to medium-sized hands, and weighs about 73 grams. This makes it easy to hold, click and move. Designed with simplicity in mind, the rapoo v300se has a forward leaning style and adopts a more solid color style. The side keys are well laid out while the oblique design fits the contours of the user’s fingers well, for added convenience. The feedback is clear and crisp, and the performance is very good.

This dual mode mouse is equipped with a USB-C interface hidden on the top of the fuselage, which makes it convenient for users to charge the mouse or use it in a wired state.

At the bottom, the sensor position is equipped with a circular feet, which can provide a smoother and more stable sliding experience.

rapoo v300se

At the top, there is a power switch and a custom button to prevent accidental touch. Users can set different settings such as rate of return switching, configuration file calling, and other features as needed.

rapoo V300SE wireless gaming mouse is equipped with Original Phase 3311 sensor, supports 400-12000DPI adjustment, 35G acceleration, 300IPS tracking speed, 1000/500/250/120Hz driver-selectable return rate, 1ms/2ms/4ms/8ms transmission speed; comes with Omron 20 million micro-movements and 500,000 scale rollers.

rapoo v300se

This mouse also has the following published features:

  • rapoo button technology
  • C+click separate button preload adjustment
  • equipped with rapoo V+WIRELESS gaming technology
  • built-in Original Phase Wireless 2862 low-power chip
  • it comes with 1+9 custom buttons
  • It has a built-in 500mAh battery.

According to official reports, the wireless battery life can reach up to 100 hours, and it can be fully charged in about 2 hours. The mouse comes with a magnetic USB receiver storage compartment and a charging module expansion compartment.

rapoo v300se

Overall, rapoo v300se is a feature-packed gaming peripheral that is truly “more than meets the eye.” It is available here in the Philippines for only 1,260 Pesos (SRP) and only at Complink, PC Express, and Silicon Valley.

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