Residents of Primehomes Capitol Hills enjoy something intangible that is giving them the privileged opportunity to live beyond their expectations.

When we say condo living, modern polished square spaces and vertical structures immediately come to mind. Residents are expected to enjoy their privacy and generally keep to themselves. While this may be true for most condominiums, Primehomes Capitol Hills are giving its residents so much more.

The serenity offered by Primehomes’ urban botanical community somehow induces a spirit of kindness among the residents in this side of Quezon City. We talked to several residents to give us an idea of how Primehomes has been helping them live the extraordinary way of life.

Primehomes Capitol Hills

Stimulating for students and solo dwellers

Students who study in universities nearby find the quiet surroundings in Primehomes conducive for studying. Marc and Danica attest to Primehomes’ generally quiet environment that makes it conducive for study time. On top of this, both students treasure the sense of independence that they experience living on their own.

“It helps to know that you’re going home to a quiet place after a hectic schedule in school. The fact that I’m in my own space helps me concentrate with my readings because it’s really conducive for studying. When I’m not studying, the peaceful surroundings encourage me to spend time outdoors where I can walk around knowing how secure the place is,” says Marc, who is taking up Law in the University of the Philippines.

On the other hand, Danica relishes the fact that living by herself has also taught her to be more responsible as a student and as an individual. “It’s been great. I’ve always wanted to try solo living – being independent, being more exposed to social interactions,” Danica says. She enjoys going swimming within the premises in particular, where she gets to meet other residents. As a Food Technology student, cooking for herself is never a chore.

“It’s extraordinary for me because I get to experience a luxurious lifestyle, with the modern amenities, the peaceful environment, and topnotch security,” she adds.

Calming effects of open green spaces

There is something about the calmness that nature brings, especially to weary individuals whose city life is marked by faster pace, demanding schedules and challenging roles.

For Erika Anne, a stay-at-home mom to a 5-year old daughter and 2-year old son, Primehomes’ nature-inspired environment and wide open spaces somehow helped her change her disposition. She shares that she used to easily get tired mentally and physically, often getting cranky and irritable. With her two kids in their hyperactive stage, and her work preoccupying most of her time, Erika needed something to calm herself down.

“Greens and wide spaces keep me calm. I don’t have to go to a park. It’s right here where we live. I’m more relaxed now,” Erika shares.“It doesn’t feel like we’re living in a box as condo-living is presumed to be. I find Primehomes to be built wide, not tall. The open spaces here are welcoming. It’s more important for me to have more plants and trees than to see tall buildings around where we live.”

Perhaps it is this state of calmness that sends a wave of kindness within the premises, especially during community activities. Erika’s kids enjoy occasions like Halloween where they get to meet and play with other kids. In fact, they are looking forward to Primehomes’ Christmas festivities.

“I love it here because people keep to themselves, and yet friendly when you see them outside. There is a good balance between privacy and community sharing. With the activities, you get to meet others and know who your neighbors are, without them necessarily invading your private and personal space,” Erika adds.

Kristel, who describes herself as an on-the-go mom, agrees. “For me, mental health is very important. As a single mom, I need to keep up with so many things. My responsibilities are doubled,” Kristel says. “Primehomes is perfect. I’m on-the-go, so I hop from one venue to the next to meet with different people, talk to them about business. So coming home here, it’s very relaxing. It’s peaceful.”

A worthy investment

Being an owner of a construction company helps Kristel appreciate the features and amenities of Primehomes more.

“People buy houses with their hard-earned money, so they deserve the best. Going inside Primehomes, it’s like a different world. Despite its location near major roads, you can hardly hear the noise coming from outside when you’re inside your unit or even in the garden. The place is very clean, and everyone from the security guard to the property staff are very friendly and accommodating,” Kristel states.

Primehomes Corporate Sales Group Head and unit owner Christine reiterates that the property’s wide open common areas and spacious cuts of each unit are what makes the property stand out. She says that the sizes of the units are reminiscent of the 80s and the 90s, which are generous.

“Unlike most QC condo developments, Primehomes is 70% green open space. Coming from the pandemic when we were all forced to stay indoors, these open spaces really give us what we need in life – gardens, trees, with modern conveniences. You’re not just buying a unit, but you’re also buying the air space. It’s really ideal for the family,” Christine emphasizes.

Young professional Jana Lea lives with her mom and her pet dog in her unit. She affirms Christine’s statement that the property appeals to every family.  “I like that they keep it nature-friendly. I feel like I’m in a different city and you’re inspired to build a close-knit community with fellow residents. It gives us a sense of comfort, like a real community. It’s in the city, but it’s quiet. I appreciate this kind of environment that works for me and mom. It gives me a sense of security knowing I’m leaving my mom and my dog in a peaceful and safe place everytime I leave for work.”

Moving in helped her recognize her direction more in terms of her career and personal life. It inspires her to dream more. In addition, the place motivates her to live a healthier lifestyle, walking her dog in the morning, doing yoga inside her unit, which all help her boost her productivity. “Parang wala ka sa QC,” Jana adds. She says she plans to invest in more units that she can rent out for additional income.

Primehomes Capitol Hills thrives in creating homes with extra care: from the family, to the community, and the shared spaces. There is a conscious effort in nurturing harmony, sincerity and serenity that allow residents to live the extraordinary life, invoking kindness that creates a rippled effect within the community.

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