Fun and satisfying snacking never stops at Potato Corner as it introduces the lip-smacking Potato Corner Snack Mix with not one, but two satisfying snacks that will delight just about everyone.

Potato Corner Snack Mix

The world-famous Corn Dog elicits fond childhood memories while complementing Potato Corner’s signature flavored fries. This treat on a stick features a savory smoked, tender, and juicy beef hotdog coated in crispy, golden-brown bread and tossed in Potato Corner flavors. 

Convenient and easy to eat, Potato Corner’s version of the Corn Dog has a universal appeal that every serious snacker should never miss.

Completing the delectable duo in the Potato Corner Snack Mix is the scrumptious Super Chicken Pop. First introduced in 2020, Super Chicken Pop returns to Potato Corner as a more filling addition to its array of flavored fries.

The bite-sized chicken nuggets are coated in a special breading, fried to perfection, and seasoned in Potato Corner flavors. The result is a delightful snack that looks just as good as it tastes. 

Snack Mix’s Corn Dog and Super Chicken Pop are best paired with Potato Corner’s freshly-cooked flavored fries or they can also be enjoyed solo. Both Corn Dog and Super Chicken Pop come in Potato Corner’s signature flavors as well as its premium flavors like Truffle and Golden Sweet Corn for a minimum add-on cost.

Potato Corner Snack Mix hits select Potato Corner stores nationwide beginning November 24. Mark the date and head to the nearest Potato Corner outlet to experience the new, more filling way to enjoy snack time with the country’s favorite flavored fries. 

For more details onPotato Corner Snack Mix , click on the link or visit the official Potato Corner social media pages.

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