Doc Bigs or Doc Biggles is Dr. Stephene Roy Condino, a rising business star icon in the Philippines who has founded innovative business brands like MASA Inc and Wodd PH and several others, is finally taking a step forward to establishing himself as its company’s biggest brand to help achieve his goals of sustainability and providing jobs for every Juan.


“For me, business is not just about profit, it’s not just about revenue, it’s also about sharing that with others. That’s why my mission as an entrepeneur or as a businessman, is to give more trabaho sa bawat Juan.”

Doc Bigs

Doc Bigs has earned his doctorate degree at the University of Liverpool and is the first and youngest Filipino to ever graduate at the prestigious UK business school at the age of 30. He also holds an Executive MBA from Ateneo de Manila, a post-masters degree at the London Business School and an esteemed position as a post-doctorate fellow in business at Oxford.

Apart from handling successful business ventures, Doc Bigs also teaches business and marketing subjects at De La Salle University and Ateneo de Manila University.

Doc Bigs currently manages a total of seven businesses with MASA Inc at the front and center as its longest-running and most successful.

With over a decade, below-the-line ad agency Manpower for Advertising Services Agency Inc. or MASA Inc., is one of the Philippines’ top marketing agencies. Doc Bigs has been the driving force behind the company’s meteoric rise, boasting an almost 300% growth. His achievements include numerous awards and a continually expanding portfolio of projects and clients.

Doc Bigs is not just a corporate leader he’s also the brains behind Wodd PH, a top brand for bamboo sunglasses and watches, emphasizing on sustainability. Beyond business, he’s dedicated to societal betterment, partnering with organizations that promote positive societal change. As a fervent advocate of sustainability, Doc Bigs incorporates eco-friendly practices and champions initiatives that prioritize the planet’s well-being such as tree planting initiatives and recycling plastics. This is what Wodd PH is all about.

Doc Bigs also heads Condino and Associates Consulting Group, assisting various businesses – big or small – in their growth strategies.

“I wanted to be a business icon, but not for my personal gain. When people hear “Doc Bigs” I want people to correlate that with jobs and opportunities for everyone, even to those who lacks the educational background.”

Doc Bigs

Doc Bigs also said that doing business should be a result of what you love doing and not because of money. If you love what you do, even if you’re tired and about to give up, you will never ever stop.

Here are some more advices from Doc Bigs:

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