What do Kiray Celis, Stephan Estopia, Pash Pacia, and Taiwan Excellence have in common?

Taiwan Excellence

All these three influencers have a passion for excellence in whatever they do, the food they eat, the places they go, and the products they wear or use in their everyday lives. No, they’re not discriminating; they just want to be discerning and refined. More importantly, they want to make the smart choice in the products they buy.

Each one desires nothing less than reliable quality, going out of their way to discover excellence, and found it in Taiwan.


Taiwan Excellence
Just a chill park day with Kiray at Liberty Square

For actress, host, and influencer Kiray Celis, she loves to travel and use products that can give her the best of what she wants. When it comes to cooking, she discovered the Tatung rice cooker from Taiwan that is best both in cooking rice and steaming her favorite veggies. And just recently, she herself went to Taiwan, one of the countries in her travel bucket list, and experienced the best places in Taiwan that she can only dream of back then (bit.ly/KirayTatungReel).


Taiwan Excellence
On-the-go Stephan is always ready to be in-game anytime anywhere

An avid gamer and certified digital junkie, Taiwan Excellence products such as noise-cancelling wireless gaming earphones from ROG, and gaming mouse from Asus, appeal to influencer Stephan Estopia. This in-demand gamer and live streamer knows the demands of his passion, which is why he uses only the best digital products and accessories that can withstand intense gameplay (bit.ly/StephanROG_Reel).


Taiwan Excellence
Pash has the power to work and travel in sophisticated style

Finally, Pash Pacia is one who exudes body positivity. Pash is one who inspires many forms of beauty. She has a fondness for gastronomic delights, and advocates for sustainable products. That is why she loves O’Right, which she discovered when she went to Taiwan. With O’Right, Pash is not only assured of pearly white teeth, she also knows mother nature approves of her choice (bit.ly/PashOrightPhoto).

Each of these friends loved their discoveries in Taiwan, products recognized by Taiwan Excellence, an initiative of the Bureau of Foreign Trade in Taiwan for products that offer innovative value. Kiray, Arron, Stephan, and Pash hopes these products be made available in the Philippines so Pinoys can experience how these products bring excellence in their everyday life.

If you’re interested to offer Taiwan Excellence brands in the Philippines, you may fill-out this form (bit.ly/TaiwanExcellenceBrandDealership). To learn more about Taiwan Excellence, visit  https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/en.

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