Cedric Escobar may be a new name to the OPM scene, but he’s one of the best rising artists to watch out for this year. At 23, he’s reaching for his dreams as he signed a recording deal with PolyEast Records and finally releases his first-ever single, a heartbreaking ballad titled ‘Di Na Ba.

Cedric Escobar

Cedric Escobar launched his debut single “Di Na Ba” during the first “The LiVeRARY Night.” The LiVeRARY is a series of online performances on YouTube created during the pandemic in 2021 eventually bringing the PolyEast Records artists to us live on stage.

Co-presented by FUGA, the world’s leading B2B music distribution, marketing services and technology company, the event was held Tuesday, March 21, at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub in Pasig City. Cedric performed his single along with some covers for the lively audience and a few people from the media.

Inspired by Cedric’s anecdote of his love life, ‘Di Na Ba” is composed by his mentor and Introvoys’ drummer, Paco Arespacochaga. The song is about asking a girl if there’s still a chance to reunite and continue their story, even if she’s already with someone new.

Cedric Escobar

A musician at heart, the up-and-coming pop balladeer has been singing since he was a kid. Growing up in New York, he experienced joining a gospel choir and even entering competitions in other cities. Passionate for his craft, Cedric wanted to pursue music school. However, his parents were against it and he ended up studying for a medical course at Queens College, New York.

Equipped with experience in performing live, he first sang for KZ Tandingan in 2019 for her U.S. World Tour. Soon after, he also served as an opening act for artists such as Jaya, Juan Karlos, and even the Introvoys. That is where he met his mentor, Paco Arespacochaga.

Living in the Philippines since 2016, Cedric Escobar has been trying to establish his music career. But even though he’s exposed to and heavily influenced by genres such as gospel, soul, and R&B, he wants to bring back the 90’s OPM sound. Luckily, he already has a loyal following that has been supporting him throughout the process.

He shares, “Masarap magkaroon ng fanbase na Filipino kasi iba tumangkilik ang mga Filipino sa mga artists.”

He says that he’s been dreaming about it since childhood and it was part of his vision board. He has already stumbled upon opportunities but says, “When it does come, it doesn’t always come back. So when something like this happens, I must take the leap and give it my 100%.”

Cedric admits it took a long time, but it’s finally happening as an album with his label PolyEast Records is set to be released this 2023 with songs all written in Tagalog.

‘Di Na Ba” by Cedric Escobar is now on all digital music streaming platforms. You can also watch the official performance video on PolyEast Records’ YouTube channel.

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