Kylie Padilla returns to primetime television in BOLERA which is a connotation of either someone ( a female) who’s good in playing with balls or feelings.

In the series, Kylie plays the role of Joni, a female left-handed billiard prodigy who is gifted with visual and spatial intelligence. The actress is right-handed and no she’s not a billiard player. So this was already a big challenge from the very start!

The story of BOLERA revolves around the life of Joni, the daughter of Joma (Al Tantay) a former billiard champion and Tessa (Jaclyn Jose). His father taught her everything she knows about playin billiard. After being accused of cheating, her father’s career ended. When Joni’s father died, it was up to her to support her family; playing billiards was suddenly the last thing on her mind.

But dreams have a way of catching up with us, and Joni suddenly finds herself returning to the sport she first fell in love with. Now older and wiser, she meets stronger opponents and faces bigger problems rooted in circumstances that happened to her family years ago. And with every fall, she stands up taller and comes back stronger. She is determined to win, and will do everything to do just that.

Joining Kylie in the series are:

  • Rayver Cruz as Miguel
  • Jak Roberto as Toypits
  • Gardo Versoza as Marco
  • Joey Marquez as Freddie
  • David Remo as Tres
  • Via Veloso as Marla
  • Sue Prado as Roma
  • Ge Villamil as Kikay
  • Luri Nalos as Pogi

BOLERA airs weeknights after First Lady on GMA Telebabad. Watch the mediacon interview here:

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