My father died of Emphysema, a complication of smoking. He was a chainsmoker and struggled all his adult life to get rid of the habit. Many don’t really know the serious health risks brought about by smoking until the diseases hit them.

According to CDC, smoking is the leading cause of stroke and coronary heart disease, COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, gum disease, lung cancer and cancer in other parts of the body.

TJ Sanoy, 30 years old, is just one of the millions of smokers trying to kick the habit. After several years of smoking up to 10 sticks a day, he is now looking to stop completely in 2022 following a surprise diagnosis of hypertension.

“For me, that was when the realization came that a lifestyle change needed to happen,” said Sanoy.

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult resolutions to keep, with only 4% of the 98% of Filipinos who have expressed their desire to do so actually becoming successful. Willpower alone may not be enough to stop the habit, support in the form of nicotine replacement therapy products can help.

“This is not my first attempt at quitting. I have tried quitting several times in the past, but nicotine cravings are really hard to ignore. This time around, I have decided to turn to what I feel is a sustainable solution to quitting: using nicotine replacement therapy products like Nicorette.”


“Nicorette is good for addressing those short-term cravings,” added Sanoy. “I cannot call myself a non-smoker just yet—I did slip a couple of weeks ago—but I have experienced a stark change since starting my quitting journey. I can control my cravings better now, and I consider that a huge win.”

“Nicorette is a medicated chewing gum for smoking cessation that actively fights nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms,” explained senior brand manager for Nicorette Philippines, Jason Khu. “It works by chewing which gradually releases small amounts of nicotine to manage the craving until you can fully manage without it, offering effective and reliable support to dissonant smokers who want to make that change.”

Quitting smoking does not happen overnight. It can be a long and demanding process, but the immediate health benefits far outweigh the challenges. Studies show that smokers who abstain from tobacco use for a whole week can be 9x more successful in quitting and Nicorette can help in this first week.

Those looking to commit to quit smoking for good in 2022 can try supporting their smoking cessation journey with Nicorette.

“Quitting is no walk in the park, so we can really use all the help we can get. Aside from nicotine replacement therapies, it is also important that you find support from other individuals who are on the same journey. Sharing experiences helps in knowing that you are not alone, and that we can get through this together,” ended Sanoy.

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