For some Filipinos, the pandemic’s post-2020 landscape has posed exceptionally challenging developments. This is especially true for business and industry, where key players such as manufacturing, retail, and services continue to ride out the crisis on survival mode.

However, there are sectors that are adapting to the times with remarkable resilience. For instance, the Philippine real estate industry seems to be one of the least affected by market volatility. The real estate sector was able to remain afloat and stable amidst the uncertainties brought by the pandemic to the people and businesses.

One factor that steadfastly ensures this is property being a real and tangible asset that is ‘resistant’ to economic downturns. Another is owning a home remains to be the ultimate dream of every average Filipino.

With the continuous uptick in residential real estate sales, a steady outcome is seen on real estate investments including residential properties like house and lots, and condominiums especially to one of the leading housing developer in the Philippines, Bria Homes.

Bria Homes, with over 50 developments nationwide that continues to layout innovative and pandemic-proof housing spaces has seen prospect growth in San Pablo, Laguna.

Remaining to be one of the hotspot cities for settling families and house and Lot buyers, the city of San Pablo, Laguna, also known as the City of Seven Lakes is a progressive place that continues to garner homeowner wannabes due to its boasting economic sustainability and accessibility to the metro.

Fortunately, Bria Homes has always been able to provide best-value, quality housing to the Filipino families who would like to settle down and purchase their Home in Laguna.

Bria Homes’ projects boasts of vicinities and amenities that brings convenience and healthy lifestyle to its homeowners. These includes wide open spaces for kids and adults, recreational areas and security premises.

In addition to this house and lot project in San Pablo, Laguna, constantly evolving technology supports flexible work and study arrangements anywhere Filipinos are, home seekers are eyeing the suburbs or towns that lie just outside the bustling metro. Transport hubs are in the vicinity and the development itself is close to major road networks and highways.

 BRIA Homes San Pablo is secured by 24/7 CCTV coverage, and guards at the reception and exit/entrance. Safety, wellness, and well-being are ensured by a competent property management staff.

For cashless transactions such as reservation and amortization fees, prospective condo owners can deal with BRIA’s various bank partners like Maybank, BDO, Unionbank, PNB, Security Bank, RCBC, Robinsons Bank and Metrobank. E-wallet services like GCash, Paymaya, and All Easy are likewise available. Finally, with comfort and safety in mind, BRIA invites all prospective homebuyers in South Luzon to immerse themselves in BRIA 360 Virtual Tours, which is readily available via The tours will give them a glimpse of their future home from any place they may be.

Inquiries may also be done through the website, as well as through the official BRIA Facebook page,

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