Global apparel retailer UNIQLO announces that it will bring out its first UT (UNIQLO T-Shirt) collaboration collection with Jujutsu Kaisen on June 7, 2021. This Japanese manga series has become wildly popular, with the total number of copies in circulation exceeding 45 million.

The new collection features exclusive designs from illustrations in the manga that highlight the magical powers of the sorcerers whose personalities have made the series so attractive.

A second UT selection with exclusive designs from the anime television series will follow at a later date to please all fans of the Jujutsu Kaisen franchise.

Showcasing the individuality and charm of Jujutsu Kaisen characters this debut collection features memorable scenes and actions from popular characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series. The UT collection faithfully capture the series portrayals of main characters overcoming their challenges to complete their missions and help each other out.

Design details that will delight fans include a pattern of Sukuna on the back of a UT whose front features Yuji Itadori, the main character.

Also portrayed in the collection are the Hollow Purple technique of sorcerer and teacher Satoru Gojo and a design showing Shikigami curses that sorcerer Megumi Fushiguro summons.

Here are the shirt line up – 790 pesos (Adults) / 590 (Kids):

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