Get the most out of the summer season without getting burned! (Literally and Figuratively Speaking)


Here are 5 sun protection tips to help you soak up the sun with pleasure this summer.  Battle sun damage with these awesome foolproof advice from the experts:

  1. Sunscreen is in!  Tedious as it may be, sunscreen is one item you should never forget during the summer! The rays of the sun does not only make your skin darker but it can also deliver some harmful UV rays that may speed up skin aging and cancer.  Get that SPF on all the time.  At least 30 minutes before basking in the hot summer sun and re-applying after a couple of hours.
  2. Flaunt it but go under cover!  Sexy girls go bare under the hot sun but wise girls are more sexier even without baring flesh and getting sun damaged by wearing summer outfits that allows you to cover up comfortably.  If you just can’t help yourself by all means go bare but always have a shawl or a kaftan nearby.
  3. Future’s so bright you gotta wear shades!  It’s not only cool but it also protect your eyes from the blinding sun.  But not all shades are made alike.  Get shades that has UVA and UVB protection for that extra eye care.
  4. Hail Hydrate!  The hotter it gets the more you need to hydrate.  Always have a bottle of refreshing water ready whenever and wherever to keep you always fresh and cool!
  5. Summer conditioning!  Skin is not the only part of the body that gets sun damaged, our hair suffers the most since it’s the one that gets easily sun struck especially if you’re not wearing a hat or any kind of head gear.  Protect the hair by regularly using a conditioner and also a deep treatment conditioning hair mask for that extra protection.

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