Ever wonder why your Android mobile devices runs out of battery quickly?  Check your Apps because some of them might be draining your mobile’s battery life to the pulp.

The biggest battery monsters are usually the ones that we used most frequently but basically if its function demands a lot of power for it to run properly. Games are of course the biggest of them all but not everyone is a gamer, so let’s focus on apps that most people used. Video Streaming apps are the usual culprit along with social media apps that runs on the background.

Here are the Top 5 Android Apps that hogs the most battery power:



This is probably your most battery-draining app on your phone today. It literally sucks the battery out of your phone. Netflix also sends notifications. You can limit screen time by using it less on your mobile device and more on your TV or laptop.


It’s free so YouTube is everyone’s favorite. Most of us spend much time watching videos and Vlogs, but here’s the thing, these streaming apps drain most of the battery juice. You can limit YouTube watching time by using the “Remind me to take a break” feature within the app.


This short form social media video platform uses a lot of battery. Filipinos spends a lot of time watching and creating videos on Tiktok. The battery drain due to this app can be minimized by turning off unnecessary notifications and limiting its usage.

Google News

Google News app is one of the best free news apps ever but it consumes battery due to continuous background activity. It keeps you up to date but at the cost of your battery. And it’s actually meaning less if you turn off the notification or news alerts to save battery life.


Although not as hugely draining as video streaming apps, this dynamic duo still contributes to battery loss big time because we use it all the time. Digital natives probably spend 80% of their whole day using this apps.

The general rule: Get a phone with huge battery capacity and fast charging capabilities, always have a power bank ready OR give yourself a phone break and do other stuff offline. 🙂

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