Living in a smart home is not just about having a house brimming with technological advancements. In reality, having smart things at home can make life less stressful, and more convenient that day-to-day tasks can turn into worry-free activities rather than tiresome chores.

Here are some reasons why upgrading to smart home appliances is a must:

Multitask freely with smart devices features

A voice-powered digital home assistant can be the best friend of busy homeowners. The Samsung Bixby can help one power through the day when multitasking at home. A quick command to turn on the Samsung Wind Free Plus while driving on the way home, for example, can ensure that home is comfortably cool even before arriving. With Bixby, temperature and settings can also be instantly turned on or adjusted so that other activities such as exercising at home remain uninterrupted. Room temperature setting can be optimized with its AI Auto Cooling feature, based on usage patterns and room conditions.

Save on energy and electricity bills

A smart appliance isn’t really smart if operation is not efficient enough to save one on cost. Samsung WindFree Plus has a Motion Detector Sensor that can detect human movement so that if there are no motions after 20 minutes, settings automatically switch to a Wind Free mode to save energy.

Samsung’s 90 sqm Air Purifier on the other hand is another energy saver appliance. It has an Auto Mode feature that senses the air pollution levels and automatically adjusts the power and fan speed thus saving effort and reducing energy use.

Personalized recommendations

With Samsung’s SmartThings app as a home automation system, clothing items can be well taken care of. The Samsung WD17N7510KV Washer Dryer’s Laundry Recipe intelligently assists in choosing the best cycle depending on the fabric and type of clothing. The SmartThings app can be even controlled from different rooms. One can receive notifications on the phone once the laundry is done.

Also, the Samsung AirDresser has a Care Recipe function on the SmartThings app that uses AI and user data to suggest the best cycle for delicate clothing. Having a dry cleaning appliance at home is just the perfect solution in making sure that delicate garments are also sanitized, freshened, and cleaned.

Maximize time anytime anywhere

The Samsung Family Hub gives a more intelligent way of living, from setting alarms, recommending recipes, and even starting phone calls via Bluetooth—hands free. Its Recipes and Meal Planner feature can suggest what kind of meal to cook based on taste preference, and contents in the fridge.

With the Samsung Family Hub, one can take charge and control smart appliances and IoT devices. With a few commands and taps on the Family Board, devices can be turned on/off and apps can be opened, adjusted, coordinated, and controlled to limit power usage without having to leave the kitchen while cooking. Family members can even share pictures, videos, notes, and schedules for easier coordination or bond by watching TV or singing to their favorite tunes while prepping in the kitchen by also using the Family Board.

Quality of life at home can be improved in a whole lot more ways, but having a smart home sure is a great start. Make life easier with these innovative appliances that are meant to help make life more convenient.

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