The holiday season is the best time to go big and go bold. It gives everyone the chance to cap off the year on a high note. But some of them may be worried about not being able to fully enjoy the Christmas festivities.

The Philippines has the highest number of denture wearers in Southeast Asia. To date, there are nearly 30 million Filipinos, making up a third of the entire population, wearing false teeth. Surprisingly, 41 percent of them are aged 18 to 34 years old.

Despite the high number of denture wearers, not many talk about it because of the stigma it comes with. This brings them discomfort and inconvenience especially during momentous events during holidays.

Family Reunions

Family gatherings can be tough for denture wearers. They feel that prosthetic teeth hinder their social interactions. It’s even more stressful when that one tita keeps on pointing out everything that has changed about you, especially the embarrassing ones. Laughing too loud or speaking too much becomes a worry since the dentures might fall off mid-sentence.

The Noche Buena

Eating is a regular struggle for those with dentures, much more during Noche Buena. Certain dishes are off-limits like hard meat or sticky sweets that might displace dentures. More than the anxiety of unwarranted exposure is the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) over not being able to enjoy that juicy hamon and rich puto bumbong.

Post-Simbang Gabi Date

It’s even worse for romantic situations. Dates become a challenging experience since improper denture care can lead to bad breath. This hampers them from becoming physically close even with the cold breeze of the holidays. The most they can do is pray hard in all nine Simbang Gabi sermons that their relationship stays stronger no matter the hassle.

What’s The Solution?

With the help of Polident, young denture wearers can confidently enjoy the holiday season without any distractions. The brand offers solutions for denture care and hygiene. Its non-abrasive products are gentle for false teeth, which are 10 times softer than real ones.

After feasting on that heavy Christmas buffet, use the Polident tablet for deep cleaning. It has a 4-in-1 system that kills 10 times more bacteria than toothpaste and deep cleans fast. Simply dissolve the tablet in the water where the teeth are stored and feel fresh again in just a few minutes, getting you ready for the next holiday feast!

Polident adhesives also keep dentures in place for a more natural look and feel so neither the nosy tita nor HoliDate can notice the difference. Moreover, the mouth’s bone structure grows or shrinks in time, loosening and creating gaps between the frame and oral walls. Adhesives prevent food from getting trapped in this space, which causes gum irritation and bad breath.

With these denture care essentials, allow yourself to create more meaningful connections with friends and partners, while relishing on season-favorite delicacies.

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