Whirlpool-Maytag showcased today its extended line of commercial and industrial laundry equipments.

We are now seeing a boom in the self-service laundry business here in the Philippines. There are actually one or two laundromats in every neighborhood all over Mega Manila and in nearby provinces.

While laundromats have been in existence since the 1930s in America, its popularity here in the Philippines only started in the late 90s as a full-serviced laundry shops where people just drop off their laundry and picked them up at a later time already packed and folded.

It quickly evolved into self-service laundry shops with fully automated cash or card operated machines.

What makes this business appealing to entrepreneurs is the combination of flexibility and high demand. Laundromats like food and basic services are also considered as a recession-resistant business.

Today’s lifestyle also puts it in a steady stream of growth basically as a result of urbanization, demands of work and because living spaces are getting smaller and vertical.

John Sioco, Operations Director of Excellence Appliance Technologies (EXATECH), the distributor of Whirlpool-Maytag laundry equipment here in the Philippines, cited two (2) advantages of a self-service laundromat.

CONVENIENCE – Normally, it gets the job done in only an hour. What used to be a half-day grueling chore becomes a 1-hour break from the daily routine.

AFFORDABILITY – At an average, you only pay 120-130 Pesos for a 1 week worth of clean clothes. That’s 60 to 65 pesos for one wash cycle.

As a cash business, Sioco also gave a number of advantages of owning a laundromat compared to other businesses.

Fast ROI (Return of Investment) – It’s proven that those who are in the laundromat business gets their ROI in 18 Months at an average.

Hands-Off Ownership – It’s easy to operate, all you need is a good location, an initial capital for the machines, an attendant and you can now earn an average of 150K Pesos a month.

However, the success of a laundromat business is also highly dependent on the right equipment.

Whirlpool-Maytag offers its partners with washers, dryers, and stackable units engineered for reliable performance that will help business owners save on energy and water consumption to help bring in more profits than headaches.

Based on studies, one wash cycle will only cost owners 2.50 Pesos worth of electricity and 3.50 Pesos worth of water consumption which may give you an outright cash profit of around 100 to 107 Pesos at a 130 Pesos Wash and Dry fee (maximum of 8Kg worth of laundry).

Whirlpool-Maytag Commercial Laundry also offers the best warranty and after sales service in the business. And that is the reason why they now serve over 1500 stores nationwide.

As proof, EXATECH, the official distributor of Whirlpool-Maytag laundry equipment in the Philippines recently received the Fred L. Maytag Travelling Trophy Excellence Award, a first for the Philippines.

For those interested of starting their very own laundromat, initial investment starts at 600K Pesos which includes 3 stackable wash and dry units.

The laundromat industry still has a lot of untapped potential. To schedule a consultation, you may contact Brand Manager Ms. Windy Punzalan at 0917-8236285 or at [email protected].

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