KINGSTON Technology was recognized as the world’s number 1 memory module manufacturer for the third-party memory market for the 15th consecutive year by IHS and DRAMeXchange.

In 2017, the Kingston brand has gotten 68% of the market share as they teamed-up with over 300 stores and nearly 500 brand ambassadors in the Philippines alone.

The authorized partner program and brand ambassadors were key to guiding consumers in getting the most suitable storage solutions for their various needs and keeping the fakes at bay.

In additional, Kingston aims to provide free technical support as well as reliable warranties through their authorized partners.

In an event held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel last Tuesday, Kingston showcased their full line up including the full rebranded Canvas memory cards, a variety of portable solutions, and system upgrade solutions for both everyday users and corporate users.


Kingston rebranded the card family under the name “Canvas” last year.


Kingston offers complete USB portable storage solution from USB 2.0 to 3.0., from 16GB to 2TB.


Seeing the growing needs for mobile storage, Kingston provides memory on the go for both iPhone and Android phone users.


Kingston also offer security solutions like hardware-encrypted USB drives and UV500 self-encrypted drives.


For the organizations that want to put together their serve system, Kingston offers Server Premier DRAM modules and DC500 SSDs for greater workload.


HyperX also offers Predator DDR4 RGB memory and FURY RGB SSD for PC enthusiast and gamers a lit-up RGB set up and higher performance.

All these products comes with full warranty.



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