If there’s one restaurant in Singapore that has earned so much popularity in the last 10 years, it’s probably this tiny stall in the Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre called Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle or now more popularly known as simply HAWKER CHAN.

Started in 2009 by Malaysian Chef Chan Hong Meng, a son of a farmer who flew to Singapore in the 1980s and trained under a Hong Kong chef.

In July 2016, Chef Meng’s Cantonese-style Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle meal was included in Michelin’s Singapore Guide which makes it the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.

In the span of only three years, Hawker Chan’s popularity grew all over the world and so are their restaurants. They even have one in Kazakhstan, a former Soviet republic.

Here in the Philippines, Hawker Chan made its debut at the SM Mall of Asia in July 2018 followed by another branch at the SM City North EDSA in December 2018. All locally managed by FOODEE Global Concepts.

FOODEE Global Concepts is one of the largest multi-brand food group in the Philippines – an industry maverick who has also brought Filipinos other global flavors such as the Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan, Pound by Todd English, Llao Llao, Sunnies Cafe, FOO’D by Davide Oldani, and many others.

And beginning today (March 4, 2019), Hawker Chan will be serving the hungry people who are in and around Makati City as it opens its third Philippine branch at Glorietta 3.

Last Thursday, I was at Hawker Chan Glorietta 3 for their media launch and tasted some of the dishes that they’ll be offering customers in Makati City. It’s basically the same dishes served in Singapore and Chef Chan Hong Meng personally made sure that everything is up to standards especially its signature dishes.

Here are my top 5 favorites from Hawker Chan:


It’s the star of the show and it’s true! I am not a really big fan of chicken that’s not cooked deep fried, crispy and with lots of spices. Soya Sauce Chicken is everything that I don’t like about how a chicken is prepared at first look but when I tasted this dish – it’s like boom! “Paradigm Shift” – I think I love it because it doesn’t have that after taste that others have, it’s not “malansa” and it’s really flavorful.

You can order the Soya Sauce Chicken with Rice (128 Pesos), with Noodle (158 Pesos) or with Vegetable Noodle (178 Pesos). Or you can order it as a Whole Chicken (598 Pesos) and Half Chicken (299 Pesos)


Well yeah I know we’ve had this already, many times in many different restaurants. But still, the Hawker Chan Roast Pork is probably the best dish on their menu for those who are really hungry and not in the mood for experiments. I love the texture, it’s everything you’d imagine a roast pork should be. Tender and crispy at the same time, and packed with flavors.


You can order the Roast Pork with Rice (148 Pesos), with Noodle (178 Pesos) or with Vegetable Noodle (218 Pesos). You can also order it in Mixed Platter Combinations of either 3 (250 Pesos) or 2 (180 Pesos) and combine it with their Char Siew or Braised Beef.

You can also order it by the grams: 400 grams (480 Pesos) and 800 grams (960 Pesos).


Let’s talk about Hawker Chan comfort food – and it goes by the name of Fried Dumplings. A plate of 5 pieces will only cost you a hundred pesos (100 Pesos) but I warn you, you’ll gonna want to order more!

Good news, Hawker Chan is now offering its Hawker Chan Basket good for 8 to 10 people at 1,560.00 Pesos only.


This may seem to be a little out of place in the menu but once you tasted this side dish, you’re going to understand why this is included there. It’s simple and yet so satisfying – plus if you’re really not into meat (which Hawker Chan has a lot of) this could be your go-to dish when you dine with carnivore friends.

A plate of Thai Style Tofu will cost you 160 Pesos only.


Lastly, I would suggest that you start your meal at Hawker Chan with a bowl of their Wanton Soup to whet that appetite. It’s only 89 Pesos but the flavor is worth more than that.

Here’s a quick look at some of their other dishes:

For drinks, Hawker Chan offers you Coca-Cola products in can (60 Pesos), Hong Kong Milk Tea (88 Pesos), Houseblended Iced Tea (50 Pesos), Barley with Calamansi Juice (50 Pesos), Roselle Tea (60 pesos) and my personal favorite – the Luo Han Guo (60 Pesos).

Located at the Ground Floor of Glorietta 3 Ayala Center Makati City, Hawker Chan has about 70 seats available for hungry visitors.

For their opening day promo, Hawker Chan Glorietta 3 will give its first 10 customers a 1 year supply of Soya Chicken Rice. The 11th to 30th customers will get 6 months worth, 31st to 50th will get 3 months worth and finally the 51st to 100th customers will get a 1 month supply!

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