Do you know what’s way sweeter than a LICK? It’s the cool glass bottle that carries it. 🙂

LICK is a brand of ready-to-drink flavored iced teas made from a unique blend of Green and Black Tea Extracts that are naturally sweetened with Stevia plant extract and sugar making each glass bottle healthier by the grams and sweeter by the sip. It’s actually the same amount of sweetness – minus the unwanted calories.

Distributed by Filipino-owned South Carolina Beverages Inc., LICK currently have 5 iced tea flavors to choose from:

  • Sicilian Lemon
  • Southern Sweet Peach
  • Huckleberry
  • Raspberry
  • Giant Apple Tea

I have already tasted Southern Sweet Peach, Giant Apple Tea and Raspberry and they taste different – good-different. Don’t forget to shake it well before you drink it chilled to really experience its unique flavor.

Another thing that’s awesome about LICK is that it’s packed in glass bottles. Ready-to-drink beverages tastes much better in bottles and it chills faster too.

LICK Flavored Iced Tea are currently available in the following stores and restaurants:

  • Landmark
  • Landers
  • The Manor at Camp John Hay
  • Peppy Olive
  • Ascott Residences
  • Versus Barcade
  • The Grocer
  • Breadtalk
  • Poke-Poke
  • Earth Kitchen
  • Cartel Deli
  • Taco Vengo
  • Quincy Supermarket
  • Shoppers’ Mart
  • Famous Kitchen
  • La Spezia MNL
  • Manna Restaurant
  • Need Coffee
  • Subspace Coffee
  • The Green Company
  • Sunshine Fruitbar
  • Tazza Cafe
  • Craft Coffee
  • Octoboy
  • Coffee Habit
  • Paper+Cup
  • Red Baron
  • Megawatt
  • Templo
  • dS Cafe
  • and soon at selected SM Supermarkets, Manila Polo Club and Solaire

Aside from LICK Flavored Iced Tea, South Carolina Beverages Inc., also distributes Madagascar Peanuts by Lick – an exotic, vanilla-sweet shelled peanuts packed with nothing but the best tasting Madagascar Vanilla that makes for a sweet and tasty snack in a nut shell.

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