SEVENTEEN months after they were introduced in the industry, ONE UP, the 10-member boyband of GMA Artist Center has now released their very first original single under GMA Records.

SMILE, officially launched at the start of the new year, is a danceable pop song written by composer Kiko Salazar.


In last Tuesdays blog conference held at Cave Tomas Morato for the new single, the members of the one year-old boygroup performed SMILE for the members of the online community who were present.

The melody of the song is very easy to like. Both the song and the choreography is reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000 boyband revolution when backstreet boys, A1, NSync, 98 Degrees, Blue and 5ive are the biggest acts in music.

So, in a way, SMILE will take you back to pop boybands’ roots. At a certain degree, a counter-culture move from a generation heavily dominated by KPop and EDMs.

Here are 10 ONE UP Reasons to SMILE:

  1. Pop Star Kid Grand Winner RALF KING
  2. To The Top’s BRENT VALDEZ
  3. Spogify Finalist YASSER MARTA
  5. That’s My Bae JAY ARCILLA
  6. Mister Pogi DAVE BORNEA
  7. Rapper NIKKI CO
  8. Model-Actor PRINCE CLEMENTE
  9. Fil-Thai Singer JOEMARIE NIELSEN
  10. Pretty Boy ARJAN JIMENEZ

Each having their own strengths and talents, these 10 unique individuals are determined to make it out there as performers and now as recording artists with only one goal in mind – to entertain people and make all their fans SMILE.


Yasser Marta explained during the blogcon that ONE UP had more than a year to get to know each other better or get their acts together, and now they’re ready to step up to the plate.

The Lead Singers:

SMILE is now digitally available for download and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, and in over 180 digital stores. The music video is already in the works and is scheduled for release by the end of January.


PS: Now, for all those who noticed and are wondering why there are only 9 of them in the photos – well it’s because PRINCE CLEMENTE was absent during the blog conference. 🙂

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