Two years after the successful launch of the Meralco Virtual Engine (MOVE) App, the Philippine’s local power company brings to the consumer more power over their monthly electricity bill by re-introducing a new and improve, iOS and Android-friendly MoVE App!

The new App retains all the wonderful useful features of the old one with a new easy-to-use design, plus a feature that allows users to compute their power consumption based on their appliances cost per hour and length of use per day or week in real time.  Basically, the MoVE App gives you power over your electricity spending by giving you the ability to foretell your monthly electricity bill.

The newly-improved Meralco MoVE App has six (6) streamlined features:

  1. USAGE – tracks your electrical consumption in real time, by adding your appliances and switch them on and off in the app as you would use them at home.
  2. CALCULATOR – lets you forecast the electrical consumption when buying an appliance or simply know how much an appliance costs to operate.
  3. DIRECTORY – easily find the Meralco branch or Bayad Center nearest you.
  4. INFORMATION – notifications on power interruptions, scheduled maintenance or Meralco events.
  5. BRIGHT IDEAS – helpful tips for your home on how to conserve electricity
  6. E-BILL – delivers your Meralco bill online for convenience

The re-launching of the MoVE App was held last Wednesday (July 30) at the Meralco Lighthouse in Ortigas, the same venue where the first App was launched in September 2012.

Hosting the launch last Wednesday is actress-comedienne Giselle Sanchez who also dressed up for the occasion as a fortune-teller named Madamme Giselle!


The MoVE app is available for free, on both the App Store and Google Play.  For details, visit

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