DEEPER – Multi-awarded singer-actress Julie Anne San Jose was at Centerstage Family KTV and Restobar last rainy Monday afternoon singing the songs How Do I Live Without You by Trisha Yearwood and Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball.

Those songs actually prompted me to ask her during a casual interview if she already received comments that the songs in her recently released sophomore album Deeper was predominantly sadder than the previous one.  Her self-titled debut album, by the way, was a multi-platinum success – a feat rarely achieved by OPM artists.

Julie answered, “I think the operative word is deeper and more intimate, I can say that this album is me.  It’s personal and I am sharing it to people who truly appreciate me and my music.  This is my gift to them.”

DEEPER is composed of 10 songs plus a bonus track.  She composed six songs in this album – Blinded (the opening track), Never Had You, Deeper (the carrier), Tulad Mo, If Love’s A Crime and a new version of Baby You Are (this song is the first track in her first album). 


So, Julie Anne is not only an exceptional singer, a wonderful performer and a talented actress but a songwriter as well.  Deeper only provided more proof of how multi-talented this young PopStar Kid alumni.  Julie Anne’s songwriting venture started in the first album where she composed two hit songs, Baby You Are (Baby U Are) and When You Said Goodbye.

“My first composition was a goodbye song – I already wrote the lyrics for ‘When You Said Goodbye’ when I was still very young.  It’s a song about leaving someone important to you.”  Julie Anne said.

Julie Anne also said that she is extremely grateful, happy and flattered when she hears feedback that a lot of people can relate to the songs that she wrote in the new album.

“Masarap mag sulat ng songs, ang sarap din ng feeling ‘pag nalaman mo na may nakaka-apreciate pala sa mga ginawa mong kanta.  Yung kahit hindi mo kilala at hindi ka din niya personal na kilala pero may special connection through the music.”

  • For all of us who has gotten too attached to someone so much and then suddenly got left behind for no reason at all – you can relate to one of Julie Anne’s songs.
  • For all of us who got disappointed and have lost trust in someone or something. – you can relate to Julie Anne’s song.
  • For all of us who are in love, falling in love and falling out of love. – you can relate to Julie Anne’s song.
  • For all of us who strive everyday, and works hard for a dream and is now currently looking for some inspiration. – you can relate to Julie Anne’s song.

She mentioned all that, and I am agreeing totally.

Not for the platinum awards or anything but I think a lot of people will agree that Julie Anne San Jose’s music is something that all Filipinos can really be proud of to show to the whole world.  No sugar-coating needed!

The last song that Julie Anne composed for the Deeper album was Tulad Mo.

Tulad Mo is a song about me and also the industry that I am in.  Tungkol ito sa isang bata na gusto matupad ang kanyang mga pangarap.   Tungkol ito sa mga taong totoong nandyan para sa iyo at sa mga taong nandyan sa tabi mo kasi may kailangan lang sa iyo.  Tungkol ito sa isang dating simpleng pamumuhay na ginulo at ginawang kumplikado ng mundo ng showbiz at kung paano ito hinubog ang bata upang maging mas matatag at higit na malakas.  Mensahe ito para sa mga taong di nakaka-appreciate sa lahat ng mga ginangawa mo – tao lang din naman ako, hindi perpekto at nagkakamali din ako.”  Julie Anne explained.

When asked about her booming solo career, Julie Anne said:

“Gusto ko yung career path ko ngayon, I really want to pursue a solo career.  I don’t want my career to be dependent on another person or to get stuck in a loveteam.  Having a loveteam partner is of course a bonus in Philippine Showbiz but those times are already over – It’s time for me to grow as an individual artist.  But of course, I am not closing any doors.”

Aside from promoting Deeper, Julie Anne San Jose is a regular in Sunday All Stars and have appearances in the shows Pepito Manaloto and Marian.  A major concert by the third quarter of 2014 is also in the works plus talks about an upcoming Teleserye, but nothing final yet.

Did you know that Julie Anne loves the song Titanium and although it’s a rare occasion that you’ll find her in KTV bars, she would belt out Regine and Aegis songs every time.  Here is a video of Julie Anne singing How Do I Live Without You:

For more Julie Anne videos click HERE

And as a final word, I’d like to quote Julie Anne’s closing remark during the interview:

“I hope you enjoy true music!”

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