Who is Dr. Kong?

That was the question that lingered in my mind after receiving an invitation to a Philippine launch of this new shoe brand –  a healthy shoe shop called Dr. Kong.  

Dr. Kong

The launch was held at Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico located in San Juan just a couple of FEET away and within WALKING distance from JRU (Jose Rizal University).  Awesome place by the way, very nostalgic and filled with some very interesting art and antique pieces.

Which makes it kinda odd to see this huge hi-tech foot assessment machine wired onto a computer right in the middle of the restaurant.  A contrast between the old and the new, I guess.  But of course we came there not for the ambiance and the food but mainly for the SHOES – Dr. Kong’s Shoes.

So who is Dr. Kong?  Well apparently, Dr. Kong is not a person but a representation of what the company stands for.  “Dr.”  because they are advocating foot care and foot health and “Kong” since the company was founded in Hong Kong way back in 1999 by Mr. Raymond Ng Kwan Ying who is also currently the Vice-President of Dr. Kong Holdings Ltd.

Dr. Kong has over 200 branches all across Asia and plans to establish 8-10 shops here in the Philippines by the end of the year through their exclusive local distributor Wellness Retail Innovations Inc. (WRI) headed by its President Mr. Michael Sy.

What is unique about Dr. Kong is their “Check and Fit” store philosophy where they give clients a free foot assessment using a pedometer so that they can better select the type of shoes and foot support that would best suit them lessening the chances of any further foot injuries and other discomforts brought about by the wrong selection of foot wear.

Present during the launch is the main man himself, Mr. Raymond Ng Kwan Ying together with Dr. Kong Business Development General Manager Mr. Ronald Chow who flew in from Hong Kong for the Philippine launch.

Aside from shoes for various ages, they also have in their stores bags and various foot care accessories.

For more visit their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/DrKongPH or follow them on Twitter @drkongshoes

Check out also their branches at Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Magnolia, Sekai Center and SM Aura Premiere.

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  1. I remember always wanting Dr. Kong shoes in Hong Kong before and now it’s in the Philippines. They really have nice custom shoes that is designed to fit the owner perfectly.

  2. I liked their foot analyzing machine. We visited their store in Robinsons Magnolia when that mall was still new. They are only launching now?

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