Do you believe that being healthy and achieving over-all wellness and vitality is all a matter of choice?

A lot of people live their lives going through different phases and challenges without knowing what is really important until it bites them in the face.  We get on our busy schedules and usually the same activities every single day prioritizing the wrong things and making choices that have detrimental consequences in the long run like with our health.


Then, fate gives us painful nudges to remind us that we’re off the track.  And sometimes, the consequences of our choices are irreversible.



Nothing is more important than health.  You may answer money and riches but you will not be able to enjoy all of your wealth when you are stricken with a debilitating disease.

How about a career or a sense of purpose?   How can you pursue your goals when you don’t have the energy to perform tasks and activities that will lead you closer to it because you are always ill.

Even building meaningful relationships would be an impossible dream if you are not at the peek of health.

Nothing is more important than health!

If nothing is more important than health and wellness, then why are most of us still unwell?

The answer is a combination of many factors but most often it is just a matter of setting the right priorities.   To better understand this let us first look at how we keep ourselves healthy.  There are four things that we need to consider for us to keep our mind, body and spirit healthy: Sleep, Exercise, Moderation, and Right Food.

Sleep Based on recent studies, adults need 7 hours of sleep a day.   Too little sleep may cause memory problems and weakened immune system that may lead to serious illnesses.

Exercise Regular physical activities are beneficial to the whole body.  It tones the body, gives more energy and flexibility.  It improves circulation, mood and mental function.  Exercise also prevents a host of diseases and the ill effects of stress.

Moderation Let’s define moderation as the place in between having too little and having too much.  It is a condition built by good judgment and influenced by a clear vision of the ill-effects of things.

Right Food Is simply described as food that is free from any harmful materials and are generally beneficial to the body.

If wellness is determined by these four factors then it’s correct to say that taking all these four factors for granted may be the cause of all our illness, directly or indirectly.

It all boils down to our priorities, our habits and our lifestyles.

Did you know?  That when you get sick, it’s actually your white blood cells, your body’s soldiers that do the fighting.  Dosing up on Vitamin C has been the common practice in boosting immunity but it’s not enough to strengthen your white blood cells.

In order to get adequate nutrition to fight off illnesses, it is necessary to have a balanced combination of the following elements:

  1. Minerals
  2. Vitamins
  3. Proteins
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. Fats
  6. Fibers
  7. Water
  8. Oxygen
  9. Sunlight

The key to health and wellness is balance.  Each of these elements compliments each other to produce its purpose inside our body.  Now, your white blood cells need multiple nutrients like Zinc, Vitamins A, C & E to be strong enough to efficiently do its job in beating the germs and viruses, which can make you sick.

  • Vitamin C develops white blood cells (500mg)
  • Vitamins A & E intensify the protection of these white blood cells (100 IU of Vitamin E)
  • Zinc multiplies white blood cells so that we can have the right number of white cells to defend us against sickness.

It is not enough to just take the usual VITAMIN C to keep your Immune System working properly!

The truth is no matter how much Vitamin C you take, it will play that same role.  Our body can absorb and use only up to 400mg of Vitamin C.  Any more than that is urinated or expelled by our body-  and that’s a very expensive urine.  Taking 500mg of Vitamin C is already enough to ensure that we’re able to absorb just what we need.

It is also very important that we choose Vitamin supplements that can give you that complete immune system support like the ones found in CONZACE.  It has all the anti-oxidant Vitamins A, C and E at the right amount plus Conzace has higher Zinc than other popular vitamins in the market (25mg Zinc).


CONZACE remains to be the number 1 prescribed multivitamin supplement brand by doctors for boosting the immune system here in the Philippines so for those who now CHOOSE TO BE HEALTHY and haven’t tried it yet, I think that this product is worth the shot.

CONZACE is best taken in the morning or night but don’t take it on an empty stomach.  It comes in a soft gel capsule form and is available in Mercury, Watson’s and other drugstores for P12.40 per piece.

REMEMBER!  The key to health is balance and choosing to be healthy.  There are many other ways to do it but you might want to start by boosting your immune system first.  Have a happy healthy day every day!

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  1. This one is applicable to those people who are not aware of their health status. It is really an informative post esp for students

  2. Conzace is a good vitamin supplement. It is excellent for wound healing as well because of the zinc. Zinc also has effects on our sense of smell and taste should they bother you.

  3. Vitamins and proper sleep does balance the nutrients in our body. Conzace can really help.

  4. agree! nothing is more important than health and wellness 🙂 let me see.. Exercise, Moderation, and Right Food.. check! I think i should work on the Sleep part haha! 🙂

  5. Nice post! Supplements are very necessary for our body because they provide sufficient minerals and proteins that help in body building and to achieve our goal in a less time. Supplements are necessary because we don’t get sufficient proteins from normal diet, these help in increasing stamina for more work out. Always use best and organic branded supplements because many cheap supplements are present in market that could effect on our body.

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