In a testament to the global influence of home improvement enthusiasts, Frances Cabatuando, affectionately known as the “Mayora of Online Communities in the Philippines” and NYMA talent, was recently featured on Stacked Homes. The platform, positioned as a leading voice in the design landscape of Singapore and Asia, spotlights Cabatuando’s internet-famous studio unit in Manila, aptly named “Nobi Home,” on its well-loved YouTube channel. 

“I call this house the Nobi Home. ‘Nobi’ in Japanese means growth. To me, my house is an ever-growing home. I want it to reflect where I’m at in my life and how I’m also growing as a person,” Cabatuando shared with Stacked Homes. Her Instagram account, filled with updates on Nobi Home, has garnered over 37,000 followers since she began documenting her journey in 2019.

The feature video showcases Cabatuando’s ingenious use of her 410 square-foot space, with Stacked Homes praising its “thoughtful design that maximizes space and light, reflecting a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics.” Viewers are treated to a tour through the Japandi-inspired home, from the entryway with an arch ceiling “that sets a soft tone for the home” and a kitchen made up of perfectly curated appliances and tools to a well-lit bedroom that seamlessly transforms into a content creator’s workspace by simply moving the mattress aside.

Reflecting on her studio unit’s locale, Cabatuando expressed her admiration for Binondo’s cultural richness. “Inside, my home feels new and modern. But when you step outside, it’s really gritty and full of culture. I’m lucky to say that my home is a front-row seat to all the developments happening in this area, and it’s really exciting to watch them unfold.” Stacked Homes highlighted this in the video caption as well, writing, “Located in the heart of the world’s oldest Chinatown and along the Pasig River, this home seamlessly blends the new with the historical surroundings.”

Cabatuando’s influence extends beyond her personal space. Her Facebook community, Home Buddies, boasting an impressive 3.2 million members, also received a special mention in the feature. In celebration of the group’s second anniversary, Cabatuando displayed commissioned artwork by Jerika See, reflecting the community’s spirit and inspiring her daily. Home Buddies serves as a vibrant forum where members exchange practical advice and inspiration for creating their dream spaces.

Design enthusiasts from all over the world, including those who follow Cabatuando and Home Buddies, have been generous in their praise for the aesthetic studio unit. “A peaceful haven. The atmosphere is calm in stark contrast to Binondo outside,” said a comment on Stacked Homes’ YouTube. A similar comment states, “A hidden respite from the bustling and thriving city of Manila.” Another thanked Cabatuando for the inspiration, saying that the unit “doesn’t feel small due to the open concept” and that they “could live here nicely.”


Nobi Home stands among the “handpicked array of unique homes” showcased by Stacked Homes. This feature underscores how thoughtful design can transform living spaces and enhance daily life.

Cabatuando expressed her gratitude for the recognition, stating on Instagram, “Filipino designers and builders can be world class as long as we, the homeowners, are willing to do our part in clearly communicating our vision and giving them full trust to make the magic happen.”

Cabatuando is just one of many outstanding content creators under Kroma Entertainment’s talent management arm, NYMA. The agency also manages K-content sensation Kristel Fulgar, versatile artist Raco Ruiz, “Lumpia Queen” Abi Marquez, compelling storyteller and cycling advocate Lester “Buji” Babiera, beauty influencer Adelina Eugenio, and acclaimed actress Pat Tingjuy. Additionally, NYMA co-manages Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista in collaboration with The Stages Group.

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