In recent years, Allianz PNB Life has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to supporting athletes worldwide, transcending traditional sponsorship models to foster meaningful relationships and provide tangible support.

As the insurance partner of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), Allianz PNB Life (AZPNBL) takes immense pride in bolstering the confidence of Filipino athletes as they prepare for the 2024 Olympics. Through innovative programs and initiatives, Allianz PNB Life aims to inspire greatness both on the field and in everyday life, encouraging the next generation to pursue their dreams and prepare for a better future.

Allianz extends beyond sponsorship with a Full-On Commitment to athletes. Since 2021, Allianz has signed an eight-year partnership with the Olympics and Paralympics movement, signaling a deep-seated dedication to supporting athletes in achieving their dreams. This collaboration extends beyond mere sponsorship, encompassing tailored products, mentoring, and health and wellness initiatives designed to provide comprehensive support throughout the athletes’ journeys.

As the insurance partner of the Philippine Sports Commission, Allianz PNB Life offers vital insurance coverage for the country’s elite athletes while spearheading initiatives to rally public support for their journey to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Heart of a Champion

Through their arduous training to become the best, the athletes are proud to represent the Philippines, demonstrating their indefatigable spirit to triumph over challenges. They are a source of inspiration for Filipinos who are striving to fulfill their dreams.

Six-time world championship medalist, ten-time Asian champion and nine-time SEA Games champion Carlos Yulo, who placed 4″ in Vault Gymnastics at 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, started from doing dance acrobatics on the streets with friends. A family friend who worked at the Rizal Stadium saw their potential and allowed them to go inside and practice in the stadium’s gymnastics area. He talks about his love for the sport and how he can show his individuality and uniqueness through executing different styles and techniques. “There are many elements to practice for, and it is all about your work ethic, discipline, and mindset in training.”

Samantha Catantan is the first Filipina fencer to qualify in the Olympics. She hopes to encourage more Filipinos to pursue fencing and grow the Filipino fencing community. The weightlifting athletes Elreen Ando, Vanessa Sarno, and John Ceniza broke through barriers to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics, saying that their will to win and the support from their families and communities helped to bolster their courage. It took eight long years of training for Joanie Delgaco to achieve her goal of representing the Philippines in Rowing.

In his youth, Para-Taekwondo athlete Allain Keanue Ganapin was told that there has not been a Filipino Paralympian in Taekwondo, and he made it his goal to reach the Paralympics. He credits his family and his coaches who believe in his abilities as his source of strength and determination. Paralympian wheelchair racer Jerrold Mangliwan is a 3-time Olympic qualifier who gave the Philippines its first silver in the Asia Para games. As the oldest athlete among the 2024 Olympics delegates, his goal is to be a good influence on the youth.

To ensure that they have the confidence to be at their best in their Olympic events, Allianz PNB Life will provide Allianz Well! insurance to the Philippine athletes. Through Allianz Well! they have 24/7 access to Expert Medical Advice through teleconsultation, Wellness Services perks like gym memberships, nutrition counseling, health screenings, and dental services, and Early Detection of health risks through health screening. The Allianz Well! Plan also offers the flexibility to choose your preferred doctor or hospital, regardless of the cost, an online Easy Claims Process accomplished within 7 days, Medical Evacuation during emergency situations, and exclusive freebies and discounts from health and wellness partners nationwide through AZPNBL Healthbox. By providing tangible support and inspiration, Allianz PNB Life aims to boost athletes’ confidence as they represent the Philippines on the global stage.

Leaps to Greatness

Recognizing the extraordinary talents of athletes, AZPNBL seeks to inspire greatness through its MoveNow program, which brings the spirit of sports closer to everyday people.

By encouraging active participation and embracing a ‘can do attitude, Allianz PNB Life aims to ignite the passion for excellence and push beyond limits, embodying the ethos of leap to greatness.’

AZPNBL President and CEO Joe Gross shares the inspiration behind the Allianz PNB Life Olympic theme of Leap to Greatness. “Inspired by the Olympic pole vaulter and Allianz ambassador EJ Obiena, we at AZPNBL believe in taking action, pushing beyond our limits, and striving for greatness. As one of the leading insurance companies in the Philippines, we believe that success isn’t just about talent– it’s also about direction. That’s why we’re committed to securing your future and helping you leap towards your financial goals.

Whether you are an athlete, an entrepreneur, or a dedicated professional with big dreams, AZPNBL is behind you with the inspiration and financial guidance you need to make it happen.”

The battle cry “Lakas ng Pinoy, let’s leap to greatness,” signifies the enduring spirit of Filipino athletes and Filipino pride. “We hope Filipinos will unite in rallying behind our athletes. As a nation let’s show our athletes how much we believe in them, “Lakas ng Pinoy,” added Gross.