Capture your upcoming adventure like a pro with the OPPO Find X7 Ultra. With an unbeatable blend of top-notch camera capabilities and a sleek, portable design, this device will not only lighten your load but also elevate your travel photography game.

By combining the latest imaging technology with OPPO’s next-generation HyperTone Image Engine, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra Quad Main Camera system delivers the zoom of a suite of DSLR lenses in a package that fits in your pocket.

Empowered by the latest in AI imaging, Find X7 Ultra breathes new life into travel photos and videos, compact enough to go where dedicated cameras can’t, while still able to capture endless shadows and effervescent highlights, captivating sunsets and far-reaching zoomed-in shots. With Find X7 Ultra, travel light and smart.

And when the day is done and you’re reviewing your shots, OPPO puts advanced image editing tools in the palm of your hand, so you can celebrate your adventure exactly how you want to, every step of the way.

A Complete Camera System

Find X7 Ultra’s Quad Main Camera captures flagship-grade photos whichever camera you’re using. Creating a stunning view at four optical focal lengths: 14mm, 23mm, 65mm and 135mm. Thanks to intelligent zoom technology, Find X7 Ultra masterfully bridges the gaps between these lenses, and extends its high-quality zoom to 270mm and beyond, freeing you from limitations.

Go ultra-wide with the 14mm camera for that expansive landscape shot, a full view of an ornately decorated interior, or a dynamic, high-impact portrait. Get closer at 23mm and enjoy Sony’s second-generation 1-inch sensor as Find X7 Ultra’s wide camera captures mesmerizing depth, world-class detail and broad dynamic range.

The first smartphone with two periscope cameras, Find X7 Ultra also levels up zoom performance for long-distance photography. With its 65mm 3x telephoto camera, it locks onto close-up macro subjects – insects, plants, or beautiful ornaments – and mid-distance subjects to create nuanced depth separation. The 135mm far-reaching periscope camera takes the shot further, zooming beyond your expectations for wildlife photography or incidental storytelling details. And with AI zoom, OPPO combines in-sensor cropping with advanced object recognition algorithms, so even at 10x zoom, Find X7 Ultra can produce a crisp, printable photo packed with detail.

Find X7 Ultra’s camera system can be likened to what photographers call The Holy Trinity. Referring to three lenses, a 15-35mm, 24-70mm, and 70-200mm, these brilliant, but bulky elements combine with a large camera to create complete zoom coverage. But when you need to travel light, Find X7 Ultra gives you Holy Trinity coverage in your pocket and palm.

Portraits with a Point of View

Nothing tells the story of an area quite like the people living there, and portraits bring people and cultures to life. With Hasselblad Portrait Mode, Find X7 Ultra combines the point of view of Hasselblad’s iconic heritage with incredible camera hardware for next-level results.

In fact, Find X7 Ultra offers four portrait lens looks based on photographer-favorite Hasselblad lenses, the XCD 3,5/30, XCD 2,8/65, XCD 1,9/80, and XCD 2,8/135.

OPPO Find X7 Ultra

As you photograph people on your travels, Find X7 Ultra combines iconic-looking, cinematic bokeh with a pure, natural aesthetic that’s respectful of photography principles. It captures dimension both in front and behind your subject, can fine-tune bokeh to a single strand of hair, and protects natural skin tones across highlights and shadows alike. Hasselblad Portrait Mode extends to subjects as far as 9 meters away, and thanks to its almost-instant capture, it records even the most fleeting expression.

Hasselblad Master Mode

For photographers who want an even more classical look to their shots, Hasselblad Master Mode infuses Find X7 Ultra with the characteristics of Hasselblad’s X2D 100C camera. In addition to this subtly striking, stylized aesthetic, Master Mode also unlocks the option of auto or pro-grade controls, so you can adjust the ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance and more parameters to tailor every shot to your taste.

With RAW MAX, you can capture RAW photography with 16-bit color depth, 13 stops of dynamic range, and all in the BT2020 color space at up to 50MP. RAW Max is also Adobe certified for optimal Lightroom compatibility, so you can easily photograph, edit, and share like a pro on one device.

HyperTone Image Engine

Underpinning Find X7 Ultra’s world-class photography is OPPO’s HyperTone Image Engine. Making sure your travels are documented in the most true-to-life way possible, HyperTone Image Engine redefines what constitutes good computational photography.

While other smartphones produce unnatural HDR effects with shadows boosted to look brighter than some highlights, Find X7 Ultra protects tones to create both atmosphere and authenticity in your shot. Some smartphones can lose mid-tones by over-exposing a scene, but OPPO preserves detail and tonal integrity, also safeguarding natural softness and realism by refraining from over-sharpening image elements.

Find X7 Ultra showcases OPPO’s AI SuperRes Zoom at 10x (225mm) and beyond, converting pixels into details so you can reach further into the distance and unlock far-reaching capture like never before on a smartphone.

And with Instant Dual Exposure, HyperTone Image Engine composites a burst of images taken in an instant to deliver both balanced exposure and rich detail, for a 226% faster capture time and 450% reduction in motion blur versus traditional photography.

AI Eraser

When reviewing the hundreds or thousands of photos taken on your travels, the final piece of the Find X7 Ultra puzzle is OPPO’s AI Eraser.

A generative AI tool that can understand a complex scene, remove objects and intelligently replace them to enhance a photo’s natural appeal, AI Eraser can help you refine the smallest blemish or fly on the wall, or remove a passerby from a photo of an iconic landmark.

What sets AI Eraser apart from object removal tools on other smartphones is that it combines generative AI with offline support. So, whether you’re keeping an eye on your roaming charges or flying home without WiFi, you can edit photos using Find X7 Ultra worry-free and without a connection.

OPPO Find X7 Ultra: When Less is More

And so, with Find X7 Ultra, you can leave your DSLR at home and travel light without sacrificing world-class photos to document your adventures.

Find X7 Ultra’s Quad Main Camera System and OPPO’s advanced HyperTone Image Engine protect your memories in a pocketable, stylish, connected package. And with its brilliant display, flagship power and suite of AI tools to help you on your journey, OPPO Find X7 Ultra is a world-class camera phone and so much more.

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