In the past few years, homeowners have spruced up their kitchens and taken a mindful approach to positioning the kitchen as more of a focal point in the home. Oftentimes, this means going for an open concept floor plan, especially in family homes or smaller condo units, and updating appliances to look more chic and sleek to better match their desired interiors.

Doing these design tweaks opens up the kitchen to the rest of the home, creating an easy, roomy layout that’s perfect for entertaining friends and family whenever they come over. Not to mention, the increased flexibility to move things around and the freedom to change up interiors as personal style and tastes change over the years is a welcome feature for most individuals who seek out spaces and technology that grow along with them.

Understanding that a home appliance can be a point of interest in the home and in itself, a work-of-art, Samsung has designed its Bespoke Top-Mounted Freezer Refrigerator to help you build a dream kitchen that stands the test of time.


Here are some reasons why upgrading to this innovative and stylish fridge allows you to future-proof your kitchen with technology and style:

Saves energy

The Samsung Bespoke Top-Mounted Freezer Refrigerator has smart features that allows you to monitor your energy consumption through the SmartThings app. This keeps track of usage patterns so you can understand your consumption better. If an estimated monthly electricity bill is exceeded, the app will send an alert to switch to AI Energy Mode, which reduces energy use by up to 75%.

This refrigerator also has a Digital Inverter Compressor that automatically adjusts the refrigerator’s speed depending on the cooling demand, promising greater energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. Low energy consumption means more savings for you!

Elevates the home interior

You can also tailor the design of the Bespoke Top-Mounted Freezer Refrigerator to suit your kitchen’s aesthetic, whether it’s rustic or contemporary. Those who want a modern and refined look can opt for the glass textures in Clean Pink and Clean White, Clean Navy and Clean White, and Clean Black. Those who want a more industrial feel can choose the SM Exclusive Matte Cotta Charcoal.

Preserves food the right way

Food is guaranteed to stay fresh because the Bespoke Top-Mounted Freezer Refrigerator is kept at the optimum temperature. All-Around Cooling consistently checks the temperature and circulates cool air through strategically placed vents. This results in dishes retaining their flavors and textures for longer periods of time.

You can customize the refrigerator to suit your household’s needs. The Optimal Fresh+ compartment has four unique modes of refrigeration that can keep all kinds of food fresh for up to twice as long.

For example, frequently used items like dairy and deli products can be stored in the Fridge mode. Unfrozen proteins can be stored in the Meat & Fish mode to keep it ready and fresh for up to seven days. Soft Freeze and Power Cool are perfect for those always on the go. The former chills items without fully freezing them, so there’s no need to defrost them when it’s time to cook. Meanwhile, the latter blasts the compartment with cold air to reach low temperatures faster. This is useful for those who want freshly-bought beverages to cool quickly.

You can store all your food without running out of space, as this Samsung refrigerator has roomy interiors. SpaceMax™ technology uses special insulation to make the walls much thinner without adding more bulk. Future-proof your home and start building the kitchen of your dreams with the Bespoke Top-Mounted Freezer Refrigerator. Visit the nearest Samsung store or partner dealers nationwide.

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