After weeks of preparations, Sparkle GMA Artist Center (formerly GMA Artist Center) has formally introduced Sparkle Teens via a grand media launch event at Novotel last April 18 showcasing 19 of their newest roster of young teen artists!

Similar to what Starstruck is offering young and upcoming Kapuso talents then but minus the reality competition format, these young teen would-be stars have and will continue to undergo rigorous on-the-job trainings to further hone their talents and skills to secure their sweet spot in the showbiz industry.

Sparkle Teens are: Zyren Dela Cruz, Josh Ford, Charlie Fleming, Princess Aliyah, Keisha Serna, Antonio Vinzon, John Clifford, Waynona Collings, Liana Mae, Naomi Park, Aya Domingo, Gaea Mischa, Selina Griffin, Marco Masa, Lee Victor, Bryce Eusebio, Ashley Sarmiento, Aidan Veneracion, and James Graham.

Sparkle Teens is the latest and the fourth artist launch event since the rebranding. It started with Sparkle’s Next Brightest Stars, Sparkle Love Teams and the Sparkada. With Mr. M at the helm, the strategy seems to be working in providing the star power that it needs.

“We had these kids go through months of intense workshops before their launch as Sparkle Teens. They trained with the best acting, singing, and dancing coaches to help them become the stars that they’re meant to be. No easy task but they pulled through really well, “

“Ask any one of them to perform and they will deliver. That’s how confident I am with the caliber and star power of our Sparkle Teens. And it’s a big plus that these kids genuinely love to perform – they are a joy to watch”

Sparkle AVP Joy Marcelo

Sparkle Teens is a combination of former child stars and fresh new faces that has either joined “artista” competitions in the past or has already gained a modest following in social media. Whatever the case, the spotlight is now turned on and the public is already on the look out on who among the 19 will be the next big thing in showbiz!

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