TCL, one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics brand, announces its latest ranking of Global Top 2 TV Brand according to OMDIA’s Global TV sets report 2022, the data of which also suggests that TCL large size TVs have received significant growing momentum over the past year and remained No.1 in global 98-inch TV market share.


TCL has been the pioneer in Mini LED TVs and started off 2023 by exhibiting its latest display and smart innovations at CES 2023. TCL was also honored to have won two CES 2023 Innovation Awards for its TCL Mini LED 4K TV C935 and C835.

Building on its success, TCL is now focused on making Mini LED TVs more affordable and accessible to consumers by continuing to innovate and invest in research and development.

Mini LED is a next-generation screen that offers better contrast, color, and brightness than traditional LCD screens. TCL was the first consumer electronics brand to launch a TV with the Mini LED screen.

According to the latest data, TCL’s TV business has seen a 75.7% growth in 65+ inch sales year-on-year, accumulating in the brand and rising up the ranks as it continues to make its technology available to more customers. The TV industry witnessed a decline in 2022, with global TV shipments down by 4.8% year-on-year, and global revenue down by 13.2%, leading to fierce competition among the industry’s key players.

TCL carved out its unique advantage by being the first brand to adopt a value-led Mini LED proposition. This successful approach resulted in TCL’s TV business recording a total of 23.8 million shipments in 2022, going against the global downward trend.

In 2023, TCL’s new Mini LED Series will be available in XL screen sizes which allow much bigger number of Mini LEDs applied on a TV with thousand-level local dimming zones, bringing million-level high contrast, stunning peak brightness in the imagery as well as prominent detail performance by TCL’s exquisite light control algorithm, which all help to reveal every detail in very bright areas, such as sunlight or darkness of caves.

The World’s First Truly Accessible Mini LED TV

Realizing the potential of Mini LED technology, in 2019, TCL launched the world’s first Mini LED TV to achieve mass production. TCL’s consumers responded to the advantages of Mini LED technology–thanks to the increase in local dimming zones, producing greater brightness levels than ever before, for better contrast, color, and clarity, and overall enhanced picture quality. Through its strong brand influence and global channel advantages, TCL’s proportion of sales continues to increase with shipments of its Mini LED TVs rising by an impressive 26.8% in 2022.

Testament to the popularity of TCL’s advancements in Mini LED technology, the brand has received numerous industry accolades. Two of TCL’s XL Collection Mini LED TVs, the TCL 75C935 and TCL 75C835, won CES 2023 Innovation Awards for their innovative ergonomic design and advanced Mini LED display technology, while the TCL 65C835, won the “PREMIUM MINI LED TV 2022-2023” EISA award from the European Imaging and Sound Association for its best-in-class performance.

TCL Set to Launch Brilliant and Game-Changing TV Series for a Variety of User Scenarios

TCL Electronics is set to launch a new series of smart TVs designed to cater to a variety of user scenarios. This new series promises to deliver exceptional picture quality, an immersive gaming experience, and big-screen viewing pleasure. With cutting-edge technology and outstanding color expression, these TVs will outperform competitors in the same price range. The gaming TV will offer hardware and software configurations comparable to a PC for a super smooth gaming experience. Additionally, with support for Mini LED, QLED, and AiPQ Processor 5 Ai algorithm, this new series of smart TVs will deliver a full range of picture quality performance. TCL’s new series of smart TVs promise to provide exceptional audio-visual quality and software function, making it an ideal choice for avid gamers and movie enthusiasts alike. With TCL’s new series, you can “C the Brilliance” in every scene, immersing yourself in a world of stunning visuals and lifelike colors.

TCL’s Mini LED Milestones – Making a Play for Category Ownership


As a relatively new display technology, the greatest value that Mini LED brings to users lies in its ability to pack spectacular image quality in an ultra-thin screen. Achieving such an ultra-thin screen is one of the greatest challenges for manufacturers, as it leaves no gap between the light guide plate (LGP) and the Mini LED, resulting in Zero Optical Distance (referred to as OD 0). To combat this, TCL established it’s very own Mini LED & Optical Technology Development Department in 2020, with the sole objective of overcoming this challenge by producing the highest number of backlight LED zones in the industry. After nearly a year of in-depth research, TCL launched the world’s first TCL OD Zero Mini LED TV in 2021, with a thickness of just 9.9mm and 1920 dimming zones – offering exceptional picture quality to OLED offerings.

Creating Mini LED Products That Users Can Afford

As a brand, TCL is on a mission to make great technology accessible to everyone. Once TCL’s leading R&D team discovered how to make quality Mini LED screens, they set about finding practical ways to produce these at scale.

The traditionally high cost of Mini LED products is in part due to the increased number of LEDs required. TCL’s research team devised a process to significantly reduce the cost of LED itself, without impacting the uniformity of the overall display. Through the careful design and selection of LEDs, printed circuit boards, and process controls, TCL successfully reduced production costs by more than 70%. To discover more about how TCL’s award-winning Mini LED technology and all the latest Mini LED products, visit www.tcl.com.

TCL’s much-anticipated 2023 Mini LED and QLED TV series will be available to global markets starting from the first quarter. Please stay-tuned and contact your nearest TCL office or visit our social media channels for latest information.

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