With a billionaire real estate tycoon at the helm, Asterra is fast-tracking its projects all over the Philippines and aggressively promoting these—online and on the ground—in order to reach its target audiences – OFWs worldwide!

Fresh from its recent introduction to the country’s affordable housing market, Asterra, a personal project of Vista Land and Golden MV Holdings Inc. Chairman Manny B. Villar, is shaping up to be one hot brand in the residential property sector.

While the project initially aimed to address the housing needs of young Filipino professionals and entrepreneurs, it has trained its sights on the potentially rich market that comprises OFWs, offering them immensely profitable investment prospects. This is just one of twin opportunities that Asterra presents to our kababayang Filipinos.

“Now is a good time for OFWs to invest in real estate,” says Neil Almonte, Asterra North Luzon Division Head. “That’s why we’re here to help them and make sure they don’t miss out on this opportunity.”

Asterra also proffers classy and comfortable living spaces in tastefully designed condominium units, with access to perks that come with vertical homes: concierge services, stringent security features, and the chance to forge warm community ties.

Bearing the tagline “Built for you!”, Asterra is the wonderful condo home OFWs will want to return to—and a safe haven for their families back home.

And because these projects will rise only in suburban locales that promise economic and investment opportunities, financially literate OFWs know that their dream condo home, is likewise a great way to generate passive income. Renting out their units will ensure a steady stream of income that can be used to upgrade their interiors or saved up for the younger generation’s needs.

For more information, please check out its website:
https://www.asterra.com.ph/ or the official Asterra FB Page:

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