Tagaytay Highlands, the country’s premier leisure and residential development, presents to property seekers a unique living experience: a ‘perfect modern summer’ in Primrose Parks, the newest residential enclave in Tagaytay Midlands.

Primrose Parks

The word ‘primrose’ is taken from the Latin word primus, which means ‘first’, making this bright orange and yellow bloom symbolical of youth, lasting freshness, and new beginnings. Primrose Parks is thus so aptly named as it aspires to give prospective residents a distinct new lifestyle—one that allows them to enjoy a seamless flow of indoor-to-outdoor life in posh, park-like settings.

Located in the heart of the Midlands, Primrose Parks is an exclusive, low-density community that spans 6.3 hectares of verdant greenery, with 99 lots spread at only 16 lots per hectare. Given the luxury of so much refreshing green space, Primrose Parks lives up to its theme of a ‘modern summer’ with close-to-nature facilities and a lush linear park oriented towards the east so that a picturesque sunrise jump-starts everyone’s day.

Primrose Parks is envisioned to be discerning homeowners’ refuge from daily stress, indulging them with 365 days of summer vibes that permeate the entire residential development. For one, Primrose Parks is primed to have elements of nature not just outdoors but indoors as well. Through creative landscaping, residents will be encouraged to incorporate the luxuriance of park settings, both in their home and garden designs.

Primrose Parks likewise enables resident families to forge a deeper connection with nature through a biophilic architectural theme. This simply means blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, providing a multi-sensory, oxytocin-boosting experience.

Imagine waking up to sunshine streaming through large window panels that highlight an open layout plan. Or visualize yourselves moving around a clutter-free environment that is accented by clean and minimal lines and the healing vibes of greenery.

Indeed, Primrose Parks is a happy place for ‘plantitos’ and ‘plantitas’—from hobbyists to hardcore. All gardening enthusiasts, in fact, will be drawn to this residential haven’s 41 percent of open space, while its tranquil suburban air will keep residents enthralled.

For those who wish to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle, modern recreational facilities are within reach, with a pool and pavilion exclusively for Primrose Parks’ homeowners and their guests. These amenities are designed to complement the lushness of the community’s park setting all around, presenting its would-be residents with a year-round summer-themed lifestyle.

Primrose Parks

Finally, the charming community of Primrose Parks is assured of privacy and 24-hour security, which lives up to the Highlands’ well-deserved recognition for various achievements.

For instance, Tagaytay Highlands has been awarded the Safety Seal of the City Government of Tagaytay for continuously providing safe and secure facilities for its members, residents, and their guests.

Tagaytay Highlands’ developer, Highlands Prime, Inc., a subsidiary of SM Prime Holdings, has also been named by the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development as one of CALABARZON’s 2021 Outstanding Developers for Open Market Projects.

Tagaytay Highlands’ competent property management team ensures that all facilities and personnel will continue to adhere to strict sanitation procedures and safety protocols including disinfection, hand sanitation, wearing of face masks, and social distancing in public spaces for residents, guests, and staff.

Apart from complying with health and safety precautionary measures, property management will remain efficient in delivering quick crisis responses during adverse natural and high-risk events.

Tagaytay Highlands is a private resort of themed residential communities with a holistic leisure environment that defines an exclusive lifestyle set amidst breathtaking views of nature.

For inquiries and other information, interested buyers may access Tagaytay Highlands’ Facebook; Instagram (@tagaytayhighlandsofficial); and website www.tagaytayhighlands.com.

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