Pru Life UK is now offering affordable protection plans to 60 million GCash app users. PRUPersonal Accident Junior for children is now available, to be followed by its equivalent for adults, PRUPersonal Accident Standard soon this year.

Pru Life

Insurance penetration in the Philippines is still among the lowest in Asia, recording lower than 2 percent of the population according to the Insurance Commission. On the other hand, mobile phone users in the country have grown to around 82.3 million, highlighting the potential in digitizing insurance to reach even more Filipinos.

“This GCash partnership is part of our strategic digital initiatives to drive up financial inclusion in the Philippines. We plan to have more protection plans tailored to fit different age and population groups available through various digital platforms,”

said Pru Life UK General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer Gilbert Simpao.

Renewable accident plans

For as low as Php 48.95/year, PRUPersonal Accident Junior, a renewable term insurance plan, is now available for students aged 18-22 (if Life Assured is also the Policyowner) or for children aged 5-17 (if Life Assured is the child of the Policyowner). PRUPersonal Accident Standard, also a renewable term insurance plan, will be available to aged 18-65 and fit for various occupations.

Customers will be able to purchase both products through GCash under the GInsure feature. These protection plans are designed to provide accidental death and disablement (ADD) coverage amounting to Php 100,000 and are available either as a basic or a full package.

PRUPersonal Accident Junior has four different packages with varying coverages that suit the policyowners’ needs. The ADD coverage of the packages range from Php 30,000 up to Php 100,000. At the minimum, it provides a renewal bonus, burial benefits and field trip coverage. The full package adds Php 3,000 accidental medical reimbursement and Php 250 hospital income benefits.

Meanwhile, the basic package of PRUPersonal Accident Standard will provide benefits for total and permanent disability, and death due to murder and assault.  Others such as burial benefits and renewal bonus will likewise be provided. The full package will include the same benefits plus minimum of Php 5,000 medical reimbursement and Php 250 hospital income benefits. Further information about Pru Life UK’s newest renewable accident plans is available on the GCash app.

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