Joseph Victor Gomez Ejercito or better known by his nickname JV Ejercito is a Filipino politician who is currently running for a senate seat this 2022.

JV Ejercito

Now 52, JV Ejercito, the son of former Philippine President Joseph Estrada and half-brother of Jinggoy Estrada, served as the 17th Mayor of San Juan (2001 to 2010), a congressman (2010 – 2013) and as Senator from 2013 to 2019.

As a senator, JV Ejercito has filed a total of 140 bills and resolutions, chaired the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs and the Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement and the Health and the Demography Committee during the 17th Congress.

In a recent interview with the former Senator, JV Ejercito expressed his intent to run for Senator in the 2022 election under NPC or Nationalist People’s Coalition a Nacionalista Party faction founded by Danding Cojuangco in 1992 and is currently chaired by Vice Presidential candidate Senator Tito Sotto. However, he did mention that while he’s NPC, he’s also welcomed by most parties to join their sorties – like an independent candidate.

His candidacy is influenced by his desire to continue all the things that he started in the Senate. Particularly, the Universal Healthcare Law which he principally authored. JV Ejercito calls it his baby.

JV Ejercito

The problem with the law is that the “oversight function” was never activated, hence the holes. As to why it was not activated, the former senator has refused to make any assumptions but promised to see that it gets done when he is given an opportunity to serve again.

Another priority he said is the creation of a comprehensive master plan for infrastructure that will not be coterminous with any administration. This he intends to work on immediately after he assumes office.

JV Ejercito stressed that having a long-term plan for the country’s infrastructure initiative will encourage growth in rural areas.

Here are the videos of our interview with JV Ejercito where he talks about three important reasons why he decided to run for a senate seat once again. In the interview, the former senator also explained about his viral photo with BBM among other pre-election issues. He also shared his views on cycling, motorcycle laws, revising the constitution, surviving the pandemic and defending PH territories from foreign countries like China. :

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