SOFI TUKKER share a new single “Original Sin” and announce their forthcoming sophomore album WET TENNIS along with a world tour. WET TENNISis the highly anticipated follow-up to their 2018 GRAMMY nominated debut album Treehouse, due April 29th via Ultra/Sony Music.

sofi tukker

“Original Sin” is a mantra of being kind to yourself and rejecting imposed social mores. It’s a duet that parachutes you into the center of SOFI TUKKER’s world with a juggernaut rhythm and an instantly memorable hook. 

The “Original Sin” video is steeped in playful eroticism and introduces the  joyful and seductive iconography of WET TENNIS. In true SOFI TUKKER fashion, they decamped to a tropical location radiating lush greens and sunlight and realized the video in Oahu, Hawaii with director Aerin Moreno and creative direction by Amber Park (Camila Cabello, Madison Beer). They wear custom WET TENNIS outfits designed by Johnny Wujek (Katy Perry, HBO’s Legendary) in the video’s very metaphorical and ecstatic tennis match.

SOFI TUKKER share about the video:

“The ‘Original Sin’ video is the Garden of Eden of the WET TENNIS world. It’s a place beaming with sexual freedom and colorful possibilities. At first, we see everybody in their traditional roles, wearing all white, clapping politely, acting as one “should” during a tennis match, but as the world unfolds, we see that everyone is a freak. At the end of the video, that freakiness is liberated as we all look up to the WET TENNIS statue in the sky.

We’re wearing custom tennis outfits we designed with Johnny Wujek, that have the WET TENNIS gradient scheme from orange to purple. We wanted to take the traditional aspects of the tennis aesthetic and flip it on its head to make it more colorful and wild. We have a moment of Sophie in a headdress made of tennis balls. And of course–an orgy in the confessional booth, set in front of the lush Hawaiian mountains. It was so much fun to shoot this video and create this world from our bizarre imaginations into real life. We hope it invites people to take a step away from the path they think they’re supposed to be on towards one where all their desires and colors are welcomed. And we hope it puts people into a sexy state of mind. “

The WET TENNIS tour starts in Washington, D.C. on May 21st and continues for 19 dates through the US & Canada. The pre-sale for the North American leg starts Tuesday, February 8 with general on sale on Friday, February 11th (dates below).

The album name WET TENNIS is an acronym, a lifestyle and an aesthetic.

sofi tukker

WET TENNIS is an acronym: When Everyone Tries to Evolve, Nothing Negative Is Safe. WET TENNIS is about forward movement, optimism and positive growth, no matter what the challenge. Negativity will happen, but it won’t stick around for long when we fully embrace and flow through it. WET TENNIS is a dedication to constantly evolving and celebrating aliveness.

WET TENNIS is a lifestyle. It says: everything’s better when wet. Wetness is excitement, the pussy, the birthplace of all creation. Wetness is mother nature, it’s movement, flow, sweat, and juice. WET TENNIS is play, and a back and forth movement. It is an approach to life as a game. It’s to be taken seriously–and not seriously at all.

WET TENNIS is an aesthetic. The visuals take us to an abstract surreal tennis world set among lush nature elements and bright color gradients. It’s athletic and elegant. It’s loud and bright. It’s Sophie and Tucker.

Artists who command thousands of people to dance and celebrate in unison are ceremonial artists, sparking the fire for everyone to gather around and commune. When in person events became impossible, SOFI TUKKER’s livestreams were a daily ceremony. Sophie and Tucker were able to interact in real time with their community, experimenting and getting feedback on ideas that would eventually become WET TENNIS, and in the process became the 2nd-most livestreamed artist of 2020 according to Pollstar Magazine. This is an album made for their fans but perhaps more significantly, with them. They recorded several songs during the past two years, many with a darker tone that reflected the challenges happening. SOFI TUKKER were very intentional in choosing the songs that made the album, making a conscious decision to  have it embody a healing positivity, not a shortsighted positivity that doesn’t recognize the turmoil in the world but one that helps navigate them and effect positive change.

SOFI TUKKER have achieved gold and platinum records in every continent other than Antarctica and their global audience began to coalesce around the streams, eventually creating a community that dubbed itself the  Freak Fam. Along with activities related to the group, Freak Fam have helped each other during this difficult time in both emotional and material ways. When many members of  Freak Fam had their prom canceled and were missing the big moments in their lives, SOFI TUKKER held a virtual prom and encouraged everyone attending to wear their freakiest wares. More recently, the Freak Fam has taken the form of a bi-weekly SiriusXM radio show, Freak Fam Radio, on Diplo’s Revolution Channel 52 that airs every other Wednesday at 10 PM ET/ 7 PM PT.

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