Japanese music producer Kobasolo has just released a new album for his cover song series, “Collection”. Kobasolo’s YouTube channel has over 2.9 million subscribers and over 1.3 billion views.


On this series of videos Kobasolo mostly covered Japanese anime hit songs with up and coming female singers. This series is very popular not only inside Japan but overseas. His channel has always been high ranking.

This “Collection Vinyl” has been released as an analog record and also through streaming services connected with his regular programme from last April.

The series has collaborations with fellow Japanese artists Kopi and Mirai. It includes songs which were from Collection 2 & 3, and also the cover song of ‘Iin Desu ka?’ by RADWIMPS. Kopi sang this cover song on Kobasolo’s YouTube channel and it has over 5 million views, and the artists collaborated for the first time in the series with 80’s Japanese hit song ‘Rainy Blue’ by Hideaki Tokunaga. This collection has been released through major streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music!

Kobasolo has been active as a producer, a singer songwriter and video creator. He is a multi creator who does music, arrangement, lyrics, instruments, design, and video production.




M.1 Rainy Blue(Covered by Kobasolo & Kopi & Mirai)

M.2 ketsui no asa ni(Covered by Kobasolo & Mirai)

M.3 1.15 Million Kilometers of Film(Covered by Kobasolo & Kopi)

M.4 Pride Kakumei(Covered by Kobasolo & Mirai)


M.1 Iin Desu ka?(Covered by Kobasolo & Kopi )

M.2 Some Like It Hot!!(Covered by Kobasolo & Mirai)

M.3 Ato Hitotsu(Covered by Kobasolo & Kopi)

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