What if you can get an insurance protection, and at the same time earn a monthly income from that policy?

With Insular Life’s Global Multi-Asset Income-Paying Fund, you can do both.

“Our mission to get more Filipinos insured, guided us in opening this investment fund option as it appeals to income investors, those seeking portfolios that have the potential of generating regular cash inflow,” said Gae Martinez, Insular Life’s Chief Marketing Officer.

She added that in order to generate returns in this low interest rate environment, it is crucial that customers adopt a diversified approach, capturing opportunities from different asset classes to help achieve a balanced risk and return profile.

The fund which is denominated in either Philippine Pesos or US Dollars is invested in a target fund, managed by JP Morgan Asset Management, considered one of the top multi-asset managers in the world. They diversify beyond traditional stocks and bonds, seeking income ideas across various regions and asset classes across the world.

What makes Insular Life proud to offer this investment fund option for policyholders is that the target fund has consistently provided consistent and attractive income throughout the years.

Even during market downturns such as the taper tantrum, trade wars and global pandemic, the fund has consistently declared income. This is a testament that the fund which focuses on income ideas without losing sight of risk management is a sustainable way for income investors to address their needs.

The Global Multi-Asset Fund peso account can be availed through Solid Fund Builder, while the for the dollar-denominated account can be availed through the Dollar Solid Fund Builder.

To know more about Multi-Asset Income Paying Fund, visit www.insularlife.com.ph/global-multi-asset-fund or to talk to your financial advisor.

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