December is the busiest time of the year! And as the designated pandemic logistics expert, running errands here and there, being online all the time is a definite must.

Not to worry, I have a back up this year, and it’s called the Globe MyFi LTE pocket wifi which gives me a reliable internet speed of up to 42mbps and a juice that will last for 2 days!

Globe MyFi LTE

First time using one in years, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. But why use a pocket wifi when you can use the data from your smartphones?

Nowadays, everyone is caught up in a fast-paced lifestyle, especially during this holiday season. As students and business owners hustle to make their dreams a reality or push forward your passions, you not only work at home but outside as well. As you work hard to smash your goals, it’s important to stay connected wherever you are.

Reliable Internet Speed

Slow and unreliable internet speed compromises productivity. With Globe MyFi, there’s nothing too heavy for you to handle as you pursue your studies, passion projects, and business endeavors. You can access the tools you need to stay productive and entertained whenever and wherever you may be.

Can Share Up To 10 Devices

For only P899, this portable WiFi device can connect up to 10 devices and is LTE-powered, with speeds up to 42Mbps. This means you can share the experience of blazing-fast Globe WiFi on your mobile broadband device even while on the go.

Globe MyFi LTE

Up To 48 Hours Battery

With just one full charge, it can last up to 48 hours. This means you can work on your passion projects and stream your favorite television series with no worries. You can work in your bedroom, your backyard, or even at the beach with ease.

Affordable Prepaid with Free 9GB All-Access

Once you buy your Globe MyFi LTE pocket device, you get loaded right away with its FREE 9GB all-access valid for 7 days upon purchase of the product. This device comes with a free Globe LTE Prepaid SIM that is reloadable with at-home promos (HomeSurf199 and up) and on-the-go promos (Surf4All99 and up) which you can avail of through the Globe One app or GCash app, giving you a lot of options that can work with your student budget.

Upgrade to MyFi LTE Advanced

If you want to take your connectivity to the next level, you can buy Globe MyFI LTE-Advanced. For only P1,899, you can enjoy lightning speeds up to 100Mbps. Plus, you can empower more devices with the Globe’s powerful internet connection as it can support up to 12 devices.

Now more than ever, the Globe MyFi LTE Pocket WiFi is definitely one amazing tool that you should have with you anywhere and anytime!

Globe MyFi LTE pocket device is a testament to Globe’s commitment to create innovative ways for people to stay connected with each other, push forward their passions, and keep up with their life goals. As you continue to hustle, you need a fast and reliable partner that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Globe MyFi LTE pocket devices are available in all Globe Stores nationwide. To know more about Globe and its products, visit the Globe website today.

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