Let’s talk about simple but exciting gifts and giveaways for Christmas to spread some real holiday cheers. The best part about the Christmas celebrations is eating all those wonderful snacks you got to take home after the parties

What better way to share the Christmas spirit than by giving a gift that can make people say, “O, Wow!” with Oishi’s seasonal gift bags – Cuckoo Bag & Weeshee Bag!


These Oishi Cuckoo and Weeshee bags are bulky but sure winners for Christmas parties and holiday events. You can be sure of that! There’s just something about taking home a huge bag that’s pretty satisfying no matter what the content is.

These big, festive bags filled with classic and new Oishi favorites that everyone will love munching on over the holiday break is unbelievably only P79.

Spread the Christmas spirit by going over to their nearest supermarket or Oishi’s official Shopee and Lazada stores to avail of the Oishi giftbags.

Oishi is giving you more reasons to celebrate this season through discounts when you order online – get Php 150 off every bundle of 8 Cuckoo Bags and Php 100 off every bundle of 8 Weeshee Bags when you check out from Oishi’s official store in Shopee, and the flagship store in Lazmall until December 31!

Add them to your cart now: Shopee Mall: https://bit.ly/OishiXmasShopee21 and Lazmall: https://bit.ly/OishiXmasLazada21

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