With stroke remaining to be one of the leading causes of death in the Philippines, Angels Initiative—a global healthcare initiative that aims to increase the number and optimize the quality of stroke treatment at acute stroke centers—seeks to empower Filipinos with the knowledge to help minimize the dangers of stroke through an awareness campaign video.

Stroke Awareness

There is no home treatment nor first aid for stroke.

Stroke, also known as “brain attack,” is a medical emergency that needs to be addressed by healthcare experts with timely medical intervention to avoid certain disability or death. The best option for those who exhibit symptoms of stroke is to rush them to the nearest stroke- ready or thrombolysis-capable hospitals.

The Angels Initiative awareness campaign video contains information on debunking the common first aid treatments applied to the patient, the symptoms of stroke that the public should watch out for, and the crucial importance of timely and quick medical response in stroke cases.

For more information, watch and share the stroke awareness video below. #StrokeDontStayAtHome

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