Tacos are truly S-tier food. Not only do they taste amazing, they also have a unique combination of textures that elevate every single bite to utter magnificence. But what if we told you that there’s a bolder, chunkier version of the already perfect taco?

Get ready because Taco Bell is spicing up its foodie-favorite offerings with the launch of an exciting dish that will provide a new layer of flavor and texture to the taco experience that we have come to know and love—the Crispy Chicken Gordita!

Crispy Chicken Gordita

Bite into a crispy strip of 100-percent muscle chicken that’s battered and fried to perfection, topped with your choice of sauce—cheese sauce or sour cream—garnished with shredded lettuce and tomato bits for added freshness, and then finished with shredded cheese, all nestled in a warm, pillowy gordita wrap. Get this a la carte starting at P149 or complete your meal with a side of Nachos Sprinkle and 16oz soda for an additional P70.

That’s not all. Taco Bell is also rolling out two Big Bell Box sets to make your gordita experience even more exciting! Pair your gordita with a Crunchy Beef Taco starting at P329, or enjoy two gorditas starting at P379! Each set comes with a serving of Nachos Sprinkles, Cinnamon Twists, and 16oz Soda for a meal that’s guaranteed to satisfy even the most voracious of eaters.

Crispy Chicken Gordita

Taco Bell’s Crispy Chicken Gordita offers will be available until January 17, 2022 only. Enjoy these and many of your other favorites from Taco Bell anytime by visiting the nearest branch near you, or by ordering for delivery via the 8911-1111 hotline or through official delivery partners GrabFood, foodpanda, and Pickaroo!

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