GARNiDELiA announced that they will release their first album since they transferred to Pony Canyon, called DUALITY CODE. This is their 5th original album. They also announced a live performance tour in 5 cities in Japan beginning December.


GARNiDELiA is composed of female vocalist MARiA and composer toku. They made their debut in 2014 and they have worked for many collaborations with anime series in the past. After they transferred to Pony Canyon they released individual solo works for a year. They just restarted their activity together with this new album.

DUALTY CODE was announced on the day of their debut anniversary and was told to their fans via a live streaming.

This album will have 12 tracks including ‘Otome no kokoroe’ which is the opening theme song of TV anime “Taishou Otome Fairy tale” and ‘Haruga Kitayo’ ‘which is the opening theme song of TV drama ‘Douse Mou Nigerarenai’ which will be on air on MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System, Japan) and others.

‘Haruga Kitayo’ is released for streaming last September 17 prior to the release of the album. ‘Otome no kokoroe’ has also been released for streaming just in time for the start of the anime this October 9, the music video has been also released.


  1. Live On!
  2. my code
  3. Uncertainty
  4. Seeker
  5. Aquarium
  6. Clown
  7. Milk Caramel
  8. Otome no kokoroe
  9. First Christmas
  10. Haruga Kitayo
  11. stellacage
  12. Reason
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