What does it mean to be a Promil Kid?

Several years ago, we were all introduced to a brand of milk formula in the market that highlighted its benefits by featuring some of the known child prodigies at the time.

Who would forget Shaira’s interest in human anatomy, Kiko’s passion for poetry, and James’ love for the stars – all Promil babies who inspired kids all over and made parents buy Promil products in bulk.

My two kids are both S26 and Promil kids!

And then there were chess champion Wesley So, musicians Ira Aclan, Jacob Sarreal, Dan and Jimmy Tagala, artist CJ de Silva, and award-winning actor Jiro Manio.

In short, Promil has become a brand synonymous to optimum child nutrition that help in developing their full potentials.

Promil GOLD Four for example is a powdered milk drink designed for Pre-Schoolers over 3 years old. It is the first and ONLY milk supplement from Wyeth Nutrition enriched with breakthrough ALPHA-LIPIDS, scientifically designed to help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster through myelination.



As your child begins to immerse himself in the school environment, he needs to be able to learn mentally, physically, and socio-emotionally. He faces the enormous tasks of exploration and socialization. He now climbs and runs. His eager mind now grasps counting, time, speech, colors and numbers. He is also making new friends – conversing, cooperating and playing. It is during these times that he needs a strong mind and body to be Brain, Body and People Smart.

To help advance your child’s learning abilities, he needs proper parenting, care and advanced nutrition.

PROMIL GOLD FOUR is the only one that contains the GOLD BIOFACTORS SYSTEM, expertly-designed nutrition to help support strong minds and bodies for your child’s advanced learning.

It contains:

  • DHA, Choline and Lutein – a unique combination of brain nutrients that work together to support cognitive and visual development.
  • Anti-oxidants to help support immunity and body defense
  • Growth nutrients to help support your child’s muscle and bone development
  • Dietary Fibers to help support the digestive system

All these ingredients combined, you can be sure that your child is getting all that he needs on the inside when it comes to nutrition.

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PROMIL GOLD® FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Over 3 Years Old 7.2kg (1.8kg Box X 4)

PROMIL GOLD® FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Over 3 Years Old 5.4kg (1.8kg Box X 3)

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